Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ikea "Even Lower Prices"!

My "cat-city" friend is going to kill me! hehehee. She is an Ikea-fanatic and whenever she is in town, she will go crazy in the store!

And I love Ikea too. Especially for all its kitchen gadgets! You can see it from here. And now I have more reasons for loving it! They are having a sale on selected items at even lower prices - can you beat that?????

These items are at these lowered prices till mid of next year, so dont worry "cat city" girl - you might just have a chance to drop by KL - and when you do, dont forget to bring along lots of $$$ ya?


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh i saw that ad and was so tempted to go check it out. i love ikea :D

Josephine said...

if u see prices in IKEA, SG. You will be more excited!

Cup - $0.50
plate - $0.90
Hotdog - $1.00

karenyiau said...

Hi, I've got a tag for you, hope you have time for it. :)


Aiyoh Jo! Dont temp me lah!

Jessie said...

Funny thing why Ikea can't influence me. maybe because I am not a DIY person? But I also found their wood are of cheaper quality. The one made from good quality are so $$$$.