Thursday, August 18, 2011

LV Handbag Cake

My first ever sculpted cake!!!! Was shaking and could not even hold the knife properly I tell you ... so scared to cut the cake like as if it was going to hurt! And the more I sculpt, the smaller the cake became and that's how I ended up with a generally smaller cake than I expected .. hahaha.

There are many ways to do the monograms on the cake but I learnt it the hardest way! Free hand painting! Monogram by monogram and it literally took me hours! Now I know why people charge close to RM500 for sculpted cakes!!!! But dont worry, mine not that expensive la ... its totally affordable ... hehehe.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake

Received an enquiry for a Hello Kitty cake from SIL's friend. She wanted a cute cake for a girl who looooooves Hello Kitty and left it entirely to me on the design. After confirming the size and flavour of the cake . .then I asked the age of the birthday girl .... she said more than 30 wor .. aiks! Thot I was baking for a little girl .. hahahaha.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Princess Novelty Cake

This is a vanilla butter cake with a Princess theme for a 7 year old girl. Her parents ordered this for her and left it all to me to come up with the design. I was told, Princess was smiling ear to ear when she saw the cake :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Minnie Mouse Cake

Received an enquiry 2 weeks ago for a girl's 1st birthday and the parents wanted a simple round cake. So I suggested to them my novelty Minnie chocolate cake! Its still a pretty simple cake but looks really attractive I would say. Its my first ever novelty cake order!

Then i found out that they were living in Seremban and didn't mind at all to come to KL to collect it. I felt so honoured!

There were no news from them after 2 days which I was rather disappointed. Usually my customers would at least send a thank you sms or a complimentary sms (thank god so far no complaint sms!!) but nothing from this particular customer. Then one night, the call came and they were very happy with the cake!! He even passed on my contacts to all his cousins, aunt & other relatives who enquired about it. I was happy sampai tak boleh tidur that nite. Hehehe. Cannot really explain how happy I feel when people tell me how much they loved my bakes. Its not the money really. Its customer satisfaction. Simple as that.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Best Durian Cake!!

Says who? Says all 16 people who tried it!!! Oh well .. the story goes like this.

MIL celebrated her 72nd birthday over the weekend and a week before that, I baked my first ever durian cake. The texture was ok and since she loved durian cake, she wanted one for her birthday.

I baked the 2nd one last week and improved on my recipe. Had piled on more durian pulp for its fillings and i must say this one turned out very delish instead!!!

While at the restaurant, we offered some to the waitress & the captain as well .. and oh boy! they all loved it and the captain was certainly surprised that it was home baked! She offered to promote for me and told me that once she promotes it, I better be prepared with orders streaming in! I politely declined as I can only bake on weekends and furthermore, the restaurant is quite far away from where we live.

Nevertheless, the captain was very impressed with the taste of the cake that she ordered one for herself! I was very happy that nite, hahaha.