Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy like hell!

Oh boy! Life has just taken a 180 degree turn! I have been utilising my time to the max and you know what ... it feels great to be in "action" again! I love the pace, the excitement, the pressure, the stress, the ..... i think i siow liao. Where got people like pressure one.

Well, it has been hectic both personal and professional life. And guess what! Both places needs renovation. And both place needs everything as we are starting from ZERO. And I have been shopping and shopping both for the house and new work place. Seems like everything in my life is new! Luckily hubby still old one .. hahaha.

Am I enjoying this moment? Honestly, YES! I feel so energized and hyper during the day. Feels so good maximising my brains! Feels good when you manage to solve a problem or complete a task! Just feels good!

I feel so sad that I have to abandone my blog a few days each week. I have some pics to be uploaded but just have no time for it. Moreover, I am using a temporary laptop and there is no point for me to download Picasa3 and then re-do all the downloading on my permanent PC. So I guess I will just wait for a week or two before things are more settled and feels more normal in my life.

I am so very sorry for not blog-hopping over to some of my regular favourites! I so very much miss reading all your posting but what to do .... busy as a bee wor. I promise to come over once I have the time ok? See ya soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No more accidents!

Lately mommie save a lot of money and poh-poh save a lot of water! Why? Cos poh-poh managed to fully train Bryan to pee-pee and poo-poo on the potty or in the toilet.

Two or three weeks back, still got accident ... he didnt manage to tell us in time and he just stood still and "water-fall" there and then! But these days, no more accidents. If he needs to pee-pee, he will quickly run to the toilet and he will know for sure we will attend to him, help him pull down his pants to make it easier for him.

Next step is to now train him to pull down his pants on his own or teach him how to undo the zipper. But before that, I better buy him a set of mini underwear .. hehehe .. so cute those mini underwear :-)

So my 2 last packs of XXL Mamypoko will last me pretty long cos I only need one piece at night. And poh-poh these days, only wash clothes every 2-3 days ... cos not many wet or soiled pants from Bryan. And this poh-poh hand washes them ok ... dont play play.

Moreover, day time or even when we go out, he refuses to use the diapers cos I think he prefers the 'airy' feel .. wakakaka. Only last week, he helped "water" the potted plants outside Dome Cafe at Mid Valley ... hahaha. So if you see them flowering suddenly .... say thanks to Bryan .. hahahaaha!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've been away ...

Sorry guys. Its been almost 2 weeks since I visited my blog. Reason being ... I have been busy with meeting up with various contractors for the house reno works and also have been out of town for some reasons.

I must say I feel much better about how my life is taking shape currently. Previously has not been too bad either but just that the things that I have planned and hoped for are now slowly coming through.

I have also planned for some professional baking & cake decoration courses in the near future, and therefore, have put in place some plans and timeline for this as well. I do hope this can be realised without much hiccups :-)

I will still update my blog and will continue to blog hop for sure! Cos how can I leave behind my good old blog-pals right?!! But please bear with me till I get into a routine. See ya again soon :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to make hubs happy!

Optimus Prime!
and finally .. the rise of The Fallen!

Sure by now you know what I mean right?

We tried to re-live our dating moments and hold hands hold hands lar in the cinema .. but after 2 minutes, lengan like getting numb edi ... cos dont feel comfy mah arm stretch over the other side!

2nd time tried hold hands hold hands again .. this time hubs pull away lah, cos I think my arms now much fatter mah, so much heavier mah lying on top of his arms! Sure his turn feel numb lah. At the end, aiyah, you see your movie, I see my movie lar ... wakakaka!

Then this mommie, every 15 mins, check handphone see what time edi. Wondering whether the son is crying or laughing without his mom! Rush home. Wah, my son busy playing badminton at 10pm!