Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another "Love" Cupcake

Got a request from an FB friend to bake a small batch for her church gathering. I think it was a very private wedding / engagement (not sure) and she wanted a design with some "love" motives in it. As she does not like stuff too sweet, I tried making them a little simple but still sweet-looking.

Within 3 hrs or so, I received an sms from her saying "Hi! The cupcakes were a hit. Rich in butter n taste yet soft in texture. Teeny bit sweet for me but everyone loves it. Thanks Jo ;)"

It sure makes my day when your customers takes the time to give you their feedback and tell you how much they loved my bakes. Makes me motivated to do better and improve on my baking/cake decorating skills as well as try to improve on my recipe too.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoo Animals Cupcakes

There was an order previously for a pre-wedding dinner and I made a lovely batch of purple cupcakes. The mother in law of the bride loved it so much that she ordered a batch of cupcakes for her 2 grandsons that also enjoyed the wedding cupcakes so much! As she is already 70++, she does not know what design she wanted for her grandkids, so I make a batch with Ben 10 theme. As expected, the boys were over the moon!

The following week, they went to a bakery and the grandma wanted to buy them some cakes to enjoy again, but the boys said that they prefer the Ben 10 ones wor .... oh how I wish I could hug & kiss them .. wuahahahaha!

So here was another for their afternoon tea. Made them simpler with less icing so decided that the zoo animals theme would be best. Still looks cute but with minimal icing.

Princess Cupcakes

A colleague of mine wanted to surprise her niece with a princess themed cupcakes for her 5th birthday. The lil girl was really happy to see the pretty cupcakes (so said the aunty la!) and they are now looking forward to the elder niece's birthday in Aug as they cant wait to order the next batch! But I am challenged to come up with a female version of Ben 10 (and its not Gwen ya!!) .... so Im scratching my head now .. hahaha.

Am thankful for her support :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mickey Mouse Cake

One of my all time favourite cartoon, Mickey Mouse!!! Love it to bits even at this ripe old age (LOL) and when my ex-colleague asked me if I could do one for her son's 5th birthday .. I quickly accepted it and to make sure I had the deal sealed, I even gave her a discount before she could even say "let me think about it" ... LOL!!!! Coincidentally, her son's name is also Brian but spelt with an "i" whilst my Bryan is spelt with a "y".

Another vanilla butter cake with buttericing all over Mickey's head with lemon flavouring. This Mickey surely smells fresh!!

Sharing with you another Mickey cake which I did last year for my Bryan's 3rd birthday and looking at it both ... I really hope to believe that my cake decorating skills have actually improved, dont you think? Feels really good!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cake for Full Moon

It was a baby boy's full moon dinner and this cake was sent all the way to Seremban for the said occasion. A lovely buttery vanilla cake base topped with lemon butter icing flavour. I used the Wilton pan which was a gift from my aunt when she came back from US. Its so cheap over there compared to a similar pan that costs more than Rm100 over here ... ridiculous rite? Certainly hope they liked the cake.