Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Father & Son Bonding Time

Its been quite a while since I have updated on Bryan. He is doing pretty well in kindy. He takes the private van to school and back. He does not have much problems but if there is a few days break in between (like CNY holidays or school term holidays) he turns a little lazy and will cry a little when its time to hit the 1st day of school after the break.

The kindy provides a meal for the kids (like friend mee hoon, biscuits, doughnuts, etc with drinks like milo or ribena ... thats what he says lah cos we ask him everyday, how was school and what he did and what did he have for tea today, etc). So I guess, he is in good hands.

Bryan started kindy for 4 yr olds this year and they start learning how to write properly. They also started Mandarin classes as well. He can now read some of the pages from his Mandarin text book. Generally, he is a bright kid .. just a bit "angin" .. wuahahaha!

Daddie has started him on computer lessons! Yes! And the younger you are, the larger your laptop .. hehehe. He enjoys reading and stories from Starfall now and a couple of times a week after dinner at home, he gets to enjoy his very own computer time (old junk from Daddie lar) ... I must say he is really good in handling the mouse. Im quite impressed at how fast he learns such skills! Not to mention he can navigate his Daddie's Iphone 4 like a pro!

Would you know of any other sites suitable for his age, do let me know ya. Thank you.