Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Air Cond Hokkien Mee!!

Kim Lian Kee - seen this place usually filled with customers and soon realised that they were just selling the plain old hokkien mee!      After a few checks, apparently they originated from one of the hokkien mee stalls at Petaling Street but now modernised their business and moved on to open up their outlets in shopping malls :D

Pork lard filled hokkien mee in shopping mall - gotta give it a try!

Photo: If you dont fancy hokkien mee by the road side or under a tree - try this place - Kim Lian Kee.

Actually, they offer a variety of noodles (eg hokkien mee, cantonese noodles, claypot loh shue fun, singapore fried beehoon, etc) but seems like the hot favourite and chiu-phai-meen is the hokkien mee.

Tried the hokkien mee on 2 separate occasions.  Quite good.  More than enough dose of lard for me.   Got good wok-hei.    Tried the wat-tan-hor (cantonese kuay teow) - terrible!   Worst ever!   A friend then tried the hokkien mee at the same branch I went to - she said horrible!  Aiks!  How come??    I think she got the Myanmar chef instead of a Chinese one .. hehehe.  Told her dont give up, go try one more time.  This time ask who is the chef before ordering .. hahaha.  Wish her luck.

Cant recall all the prices but as a start, the small portion is RM8.90.     Just slighly more expensive than roadside stall nia ... some more here got good service, clean environment and clean utensils too plus good service and free tissue :D    Some more got aircond leh ... so ok lah the price.

Go give it a try and tell me yours is Chinese version or Myanmar version .. hehehe.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jagabee My Love !!

One of the expats in my office was the first to introduce this lovely snack to me 2 years back.  He is an American but worked in Singapore prior to coming over to KL and one day, after his meetings there .. he came back with a carton of these crunchy snacks!!

First we were all reluctant to take it and we thought it was just another snack.   But when the first one tried a pack, he gave a big smile.   Then another colleague tried .. and we got another big smile.   So tunggu apa lagi .. try la!

This is hell of a snack!  Start with the first pack and bet you will be looking out for another!  Its awefully crunchy on the outside and still soft on the inside.   The are actually potato strips (like the ones you see at McD la but much crunchier!) and it says in the package .. they use real potatoes ... hmm.   Wei ... damn good!

So far we found that you can get these in Singapore, Hong Kong and of course Japan.   My regular supplies comes from Singapore and this sort of packaging (5 in a pack) costs about S$3.80.   There is also another packaging (in paper can type) and I buy them at around S20 per carton of 12 cans :)

Do you think they really use real potatoes?  Well I think they do .. cos after years of buying these ... they always have a short shelf life ... max 3 months.   So do watch out for the expiry date if you're buying this ok?

Do give it a try ... its worth it!