Monday, February 21, 2011

CNY Cupcakes

CNY came and went with a blink of an eye! I sure do hope that means I had a great time!! Did you?

I took a couple of days off before CNY to bake for the family and also to fulfill some orders. I am happy that I found my love for baking and it has really helped me "find myself" in someway, you know. Other than work & Bryan, now I feel I have something that is for "me" and I feel as if I have made myself useful again and of some value in being "me" ... does it make sense?

Anyway, back to CNY. I made quite a number of designs this CNY but below is two of my favourites. These 2 designs were also the most ordered designs by several of my customers. And mind you, these are all first time customers as I only started selling my cupcakes back in December :-p

I have hardly blogged about stuff on Bryan and other happenings, but you know, things are getting pretty routine and nothing "hip" is happening other than makan-makan and lou sang here & there.

This weekend, I'm hopping over to a friend's place to learn to bake macaroons! Do you like them! They are pretty delish but I've heard they are very sensitive creatures, meaning very difficult to bake lah. So, fingers crossed, our baking session will be successful. Keep you posted ya!