Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big TV Small TV

See! Like father like son! Daddie watching on the cabinet-top TV and his son watching using his portable DVD player which we placed next to the TV.

My hubby always "complain" that our son looks and behaves more like his mommie ... but he didnt know that his son has "inherited" the daddie's gila-TV talent!

As for daddie, so long as got some pictures moving on the TV, he can watch without blinking an eye. Advertisement ka, cartoon ka, anything! Even for those dramas on wah lai toi, he just needs to watch for 10 seconds, and he knows what is happening although he did not watch the earlier episodes! Keng leh!

As for the son, luckily he is a bit more choosier ... only watch what he is "hot" for the moment. These days it is Tom & Jerry. Earlier it was Postman Pat & Blues Clues! Baby days it was Barney just like any other kid.

As for mommie, best would be Wimbledon, US Open or like now, the Rolland Garos! Best in the world man! On non-tennis seasons ... maybe an episode of Sugar, thats all.

What about your boys? Are they tv-gila as well?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last weekend ...

Every weekend is more tiring than a working week as far as hubby & I are concerned. Its because we have longer hours attending to the lil one and with deprived sleep most of the time, its not really something we eagerly look forward to. Yeah we love him but ..... I am just being honest.

Well, yes, we play with him, spend time with him watching DVDs, reading together, singing in the car on our way home each evening bla bla bla but come weekend, we will like ... aiyah .. aiyoh .. so tired lah.

We dropped off lil one with my mom after visiting grandma on Saturday morning since its lunch & nap time for him. Off we went over to Mid Valley to get some groceries as well as some necessities for our impending weekend get-a-way this coming Sat. Its going to be a very short trip with mom & my aunt and cousin with their lil boy who is almost the same age as Bryan.

While at The Gardens, I can't help it but to check out Delectables, owned by a very young and talented lady. Had to try her cuppies! They were good but a tad expensive - RM28 for 3. And that was our indulgence for the week! We didnt even have time for a proper sit down lunch. Sad huh?

And oh! Did I tell you I spotted a real good buy over at Isetan during one of my lunch hour whisk-away?

I grabbed a pair of wedged sandals. It was at RM189.90 with a whopping 70% off! Great deal right? Its perfect for my weekend use since I hardly wear heels since I had Bryan.

Mom asked why I bought such an "old-fashioned" shoe wor. She said it suits her more than me! Gosh! Am I really THAT old fashioned? I thot they looked simple and nice and most of all, very comfy mah ... no meh? Anyway my sis answered her ... you think your daughter is still very young ah? *me blur*

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stressful nights! Damn!

Something new from the brat these few nights. Insist that I stand up and carry him to sleep! Hello! You know how heavy this fellow is now? And not that he falls asleep easily okay! He is such a light sleeper. And he is also such a super busy body! A slightest noise, light or movement around him and he will quickly open his eyes!!!!! F%#&!

On normal days, I just have to give him some milk and bring him close to my body (his body HAS to touch my body) and after some patting of the butt, he will go to sleep. And I am doing all these while just sitting beside him on his bed. But now, cannot! Must stand up! Must carry! F%#&!

Last night, I decided NOT TO GIVE IN! I am not about to let a 2 year old dictate to me! I know, some people will say .. he is cranky cos of his minor flu lar, minor cough lar, like that one lar terrible 2 stage .. BUT did you know that he is super damn smart?? He knows how to bully people and who to bully in particular!

He fussed at about 1.50am. I assume he wanted milk cos he refused to take his milk before going to bed about 11pm. So I quickly got up to make him his milk. But then he merajuk! Dunno lah for what. Then he wanted me to carry. I know he is about to start that already. So I insisted I sit down on his bed and pat him. Woah! He cry with maximum volume and kick me several times! I terus ignore him! Dont care! Cry lah all you want! Daddie tried to carry him - but you know, our fren dont want! Push daddie away! Sampai daddie also give up! Let him go and he came running back to me! Still crying with louder volume. I dont care. You want me to pat you to bed, can but I am not going to stand up and carry you here & there and pat you like a baby!

You know what - he cried for 1.5 hrs! And in that 1.5 hrs, he tried and tried to pull both my hands one after another asking me to stand up and carry him. I still dont care! I put my hand under my thighs as tight as I could - dont let him pull it out! I did not utter a single word for the past 1.5 hrs. I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW HIM TO WIN!!!!

Finally our fren gave up. He then asked for milk. Stopped crying. Daddie went to take the milk from the warmer. Our fren then drank it on my lap while I was still seated on his bed. He looked me in the eye. I sayang his forehead and cheeks. Seems like he understood. After minum, mabuk terus! Good morning Malaysia! Its 3.30am.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hidden Talent!

Did you know that this mommie loves to bowl? And so does Daddie! During our pak-toh (dating) days, we used to either visit the cinema every Sat or else, we will hit the bowling alley. We used to frequent the lanes at Sunway Pyramid lar .. now dunno still that hot or not that place(?).

Over the weekend (and like many other weekends), we stopped by Jusco at MV and while mommie had to do some shopping, daddie brought the brat to the little play area inside Jusco. Remember this place?

This time, daddie noticed that there was a little bowling game suitable for the lil one. For RM1 a game, my lil brat was rolling the balls away! And this game managed to get him to stay there at one place for more than 5 minutes!!!! Hurray!!!!

Hey, not bad wor!

He scored 178!

Actually, when I saw my brat bowling away, it really reminds me of the good-ole-days of the both of us just getting to do what we want to do. It was fun and life was just so much easier and less complicated then.

However, ever since Master Bryan Low came into the picture, as you have guessed, all our time is his time now.

We have hardly the opportunity to sit down together to even discuss about the renovation plans or on what or where to buy the stuff, etc, etc. The only private time we have is 20 minutes in the morning/evening when we are in the car on our way to the office. And not on all mornings you feel like talking okay?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daddie's favourite t/shirt!

Well .. what can I say.

Ok enough! Now, time for bed so go brush your teeth and change into your pee-jays! Not you Bryan .. I meant your Daddie!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Steamed Egg Cake Ever!

I think I have finally found a really good, easy and simple recipe that yields the same quality as those selling in the shops/market! And it uses such basic ingredients!

Let's say that with this recipe, I am confident of getting good results 100% of the time.


  • 4 large eggs (abt 60gm each, weight with shell)
  • 180 gm castor sugar
  • 230 gm self raising flour
  • 80 ml 100 Plus


  • Grease a 8" round pan and prepare steaming tray.
  • Whip eggs till light and frothy, abt 10 mins with hand mixer.
  • Then gradually add sugar in say 3 batches, whip well each time.
  • Slowly fold in flour in 3 batches, careful not to deflate the beaten eggs.
  • Add in 100Plus and mix well.
  • Pour into pan.
  • In order to get an "x" on top, sprinkle sugar over the ready batter in "x" shaped line.
  • Place pan in steamear when water is rapidly boiling.
  • Shd be ready in abt 35 minutes but check for doneness before removing from steamer.

I have since made this 3 times for breakfast and each and every time, we enjoyed it thorougly especially the lil fart!!!! Its light and spongy and not overly sweet .. really good for whole day snacking too! Best of all, I dont need to crank up the oven in this ridiculously hot weather!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bath time!

What!!! Heatwave to last till September?!!! But thank god it rained these few evenings .. what a relief!

Really beh tahan this terrible weather. Sampai we mandi like a few times a day during weekends cos at home, how to turn on the air-cond full time right? Nanti end of the month bill sampai .. hubby pengsan!

I have recently allowed the lil one to some play-time during his bathing session. He loves to play in the bath-tub and all I have to do is hand him a spoon and plastic mug or plastic bottle. And some plastic toys. Most of then than not, he also loves to play with his toothbrush!

I asked my brat to smile for the camera .. and he gave me his latest pose!

I know .. I know .. mommy says this pic can see my birdie .. but aiyah, its ok lar .... if next time people can sell this pic to make good money .. why not help them right? Hee... hee..

Can you see the red bath-tub? Its actually the same bath-tub I bought for my wedding day. You know lar .. marrying a chinese/hokkien ... all also must be ang-ang one.

When I got preggie, just like any other mom, I window-shopped alot looking out for cute stuff to buy for the lil one. Then I decided that since we only occupy a room, there will not be much space for many things. Moreover, what am I going to do with this ang-ang bath-tub if I bought a new one? Sigh ... so settled to use this one lor .. until now. No regrets though. Money's worth! Another good buy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corelle Corningware Visions & Pyrex Warehouse Sale!!!!

For those of you who missed the previous sale, its time again for some real good bargains I tell ya!

No joke - the sale is really genuine! What I mean is .. they are really really cheap compared to what is sold at the local departmental stores and they also offer the newer designs as well (that is if you are quick enough to grab them!)

During the last sale, I managed to grab a whole set of dinnerware and a set of 3 of the Pyrex cookpots! The prices are pretty unbelievable. Dont believe me? Check this out!

If you are really looking out to buy some dinnersets, make sure you are there early. Cos usually by noon .... only the individual pieces are available.

Will I be there to grab some more? No lah, I have enough to last me this entire marriage! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wesak Day Prayers

Wesak Day was on 9 May this year and it fell on a Saturday. Being a weekend, I knew the temples would be pretty packed. So we decided to visit the temple on the evening before.

We are frequent visitors to the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple located at Tun Sambanthan. This where I took the brat for his blessings each year on his birthday. This is also the temple where we registered our marriage 4 years ago.

I love it for its serenity and peace and most importantly, when it comes to large festive celebrations, this place is really well-organised with lots of volunteers offering their time and services to the temple. My sis is also a regular volunteer here and serves at this temple every year during Wesak.

Mom also usually buys freshly prepared vegetarian dishes from the various stalls that operate along the road leading into the temple, as we are on full-day vegetarian diet on this day.

I shall not start talking about the fuss the lil one kicked up while we were in the main shrine of the temple receiving blessings. Everyone was looking but I dont care. Biasalah.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Angin kuat?

Visited HomeDec just to check out some stuff lar .. never really bought anything. Saw this booth from Alpha selling all kinds of ceiling fans. I know the trusted brands in fans are usually from Pana or KDK .. but I did not see their booth there wor :-(

What I learnt from my little research over the local renovation and property forums is that :-

3-blade fans
does not look as good as 4 or 5-blade fans
but good wind directly under and surrounding areas

4-blade fans
looks nice but angin not so impressive lah

5-blade fans
looks nice, lots of fancy designs to suit all home types
can only get angin directly under the fan

These days even fans comes with remote control! Aiyoh extra one thing to find in the house as remote controls can be all over the place! I still prefer the regulator type cos what on earth is wrong with standing up and walking over to the wall to turn on the fan???

So I am looking out for a really nice 3-blade fan with a nice modern contemporary design and colour. Any recommendations?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Anniversary Update!

Breaking news!
Hubby actually searched online for a KitchenAid wor!

I cant believe it! Normally he will wait for me to tell him ... babe, you go to THIS shop, and THIS is the map and then ask them for THIS model and THIS color and the price is THIS much.

But this time, he actually took the effort to find out the info himself! And guess what!


He said "Wah, luckily they dont produce peach-colored KitchenAid"!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

05.05.05 - The Big Day

Today marks our 4th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary lou kong! And I had no idea that the 4th year is known as the "fruits/flowers & linen" anniversary traditionally! I prefer the "modern" version - appliances anniversary! Ha! Perfect for my new home!!!!

So wat's on this day for us? Well, its another working day for sure. I would have wished to extend the already long weekend and throw in a nice relaxing holiday ... but as you know .. I cant go anywhere with the fart, so its just another day for us this year.

Is it really true that year after year, it becomes less meaningful and a lesser important date?

Our 1st wedding anniversary was celebrated quite in style - we went to Europe for a holiday. Eh, did I tell you that I made him sleep on the floor of Heathrow Airport for one night just to save on accommodation???

Our 2nd wedding anniversary - I had totally no mood to celebrate whatsoever as I was on confinement lah at home! 24-hr no sleep and my brat was sucking every 2 hrs for one hour each session - so where got mood for anything? Moreover, menu was ginger, ginger & more ginger! But hubby did bring me 3 stalks of peach roses (my favourite rose color!).

The 3rd wedding anniversary, well err .. actually cannot remember already. Aiyoh, getting old I guess. Moreover, no mood edi lar, since by now, my fart is walking and running all over the place, where got mood to celebrate?? Flowers? What flowers?

And today, our 4th wedding anniversary as hubby & wifey. Honestly, I do feel that I love my hubby more and more each day. In fact I find my life a bit empty if he is not around for a day or two. Fahwer? Sorry I think I forgot how to spell them by now.

Well, I really wonder if they actually produce a peach-colored KitchenAid??

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dining Out

I only dine out when absolutely necessary. Like when SIL comes back for a visit, a family birthday celebration, invitation from relatives for fullmoon or wedding dinners and occasionally when MIL kena number .. hee!

But every single time, no one gets to enjoy a peaceful meal. We have to take turns to carry the fart out to walk here & there. He dislikes sitting for even a few minutes. Its even worse when we have to wait for the other diners to arrive. Some people are famously known to be late! And with a brat that cannot sit still - my patience is limited! So nowadays, I intentionally go there late so that I dont have to wait so long before we can have a meal.

These days, this does the trick. But depending on his mood for the program. Usually works for 10-15 minutes. That's it. Sometimes I have to bring along the cane too!