Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mickey Inspired 2 Tier Cake

I am slowly venturing into the world of fondant cakes.   Many moons ago before I started Confections, I did bake a 2 tier Toy Story cake for a friend of mine.  It was a disaster in my eye but no choice, got to deliver the cake that morning!  I felt sooo bad that I didnt touch fondant for more a year.

Recently I took up the challenge again cos you know why .. I tried promoting my buttercream cakes but this customer still prefer fondant covered cakes cos she said she never tried eating fondant cakes before ... wuahahaha.   So I challenged myself and came up with this mickey inspired cake.    Credit to original designer but I tweaked it a little since customer prefer this design.

In order not to take the risk, I invested in using Satin Ice Fondant which costs a bomb!   But its ok.   I am not here to make huge profits from my cakes.  Im happy with the fact that I get to do something I truly enjoy.  And also happy to challenge myself slowly, step by step and see myself progressing in this field.   Money is not the sole motivator here but well .... its definitely a reinforcer, hahaha!!

Baked fresh and worked till late at night, ready in time to delivery next morning.  Cake base was vanilla butter with bottom tier 8" and top tier 6".   Forgot to weight the whole cake but I reckon would have been more than 3kg.  

Will I take on another fondant cake request in the near future?   Bring it on!    Love working with it now ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Transportation Themed Cupcakes

Two sets of box-of-9 cupcakes for Jayden's 4th birthday celebration in school.  Mummy said Jayden loved it but I think Mummy got no time to blog about it since titi Kevin came along.  

Jayden requested for transportation themed cupcakes (cos we all know Jayden loves trains, cars, etc) so googled for some ideas and come up with these.   

I kinda like how it all turned out.   But boy, literally took me hours to complete!   Remember sitting down after dinner one night at 8pm and by the time I looked up, Bryan was already upstairs in bed and hubby was switching off the TV, ready for bed time .. which means it is 11pm!  Gosh!!!

Note to self :  Next order cannot charge so cheap!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Banner Cupcakes for Fullmoon Party

Decided to do something a little extra with cupcakes and decided, why not have banners to spice up the look eh?    Seen banners for cakes so I thought they could work for cupcakes as well ... and so right I was!

Quite a few of the blogger mommies are having a dragon year baby and its my pleasure to bake them some of my home created cupcakes.   This time round, its for Paik Ling's princess Kayley.    It must be a true joy to have 3 boys and then finally hit the gold with a princess ... yeay!!   Congrats again Paik Ling ;)

Baked vanilla cuppies to go with buttercream deco and fondant cut-outs in the shape of onesies, baby pram, milk bottle and also a horsie.   Pink and yellow is a good combination for girls, dont you think?

Below is a blue and yellow combination for baby Kelvin.   Those in FB would surely remember this cute lil fella.    Congrats again too to Kristie ;)

Remember, you first saw banner cupcakes at Confections ;)   Hope over to see my other creations.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Restoran Tien Sun Tien, Taman Connaught Cheras

If you are looking for a decent dinner for a family of 3 to 4 pax and have a budget of RM50, look no further.    

Driving past this place every evening, i find that it is always packed with customers every single day and I believe you need to be very lucky if you can find a table for yourself on weekends.   But fret not, its not only taste good, comes cheap, service is also very fast!!

Restoran Tien Sun Tien is located at the very beginning of the "longest pasar malam in Malaysia" road!    Along Jalan Connaught in Cheras, at one end you will see Giant/McDonalds and Tien Sun Tien is located on the opposite end of this road.   The very first corner shoplot.

We ordered a deep fried fish with thai sauce, herbal steamed chicken, tofu and stir fried vege.  All taste quite ok.    RM56 incl drinks.     You can also try their nyonya steamed stingray - I like!!

They also have a decent satay stall and roast chicken wing stalls right outside this restaurant if you also fancy these.