Thursday, January 6, 2011

Train Cake

My very first order for a real cake for a real customer!!!! Well, so far, I've had orders for cupcakes and was busy all of Christmas fulfilling them, but this is the first time I got an order for a full whole cake!

I have baked & iced many cakes before but they were always for family and friends but this one can collect money one .. wuahahahha!

Customer only had one request and that it must be a Thomas Train cake. I googled for some ideas and finally decided on this train design as I felt it was much more attractive than a simple round or square cake. Do you like it?

Its a vanilla butter cake with buttericing. Face of Thomas was hand-moulded fondant. Every single thing on the cake board is edible including the tyres, tracks, etc :-)

The cake was almost 2.5kg *heavy*. I normally do not deliver but if its nearby or on my way, I dont mind delivering it to the customer. Qi Xuan was really really happy to see his cake! Cake deliveries are every baker's nightmare but I guess when you see a child so happy with your creation .. its indeed very satisfying.

Proud of Bryan

We're really glad that Bryan is quite ok handling himself in a new place or environment. School started on Monday and daddy sent him to school that afternoon. It did take him a couple of minutes to get warmed up all over again but overall, he adjusted quite well. He took the school van home without much fuss in the evening ... so good job Bryan!

The past few days also went well, Mom said. He changed and hopped onto the school van without any fuss and was in ok mood when he comes home in the evening.

We have been really looking forward to the new school hours. Classes start from 12.15 - 4.15 and by the time he reaches home, its almost 5pm. Shower and dinner, then followed by cartoon shows on TV. By 8 or 9pm, he is really really "mabuk" and its a good time to have a warm bottle of milk and while having his "fix", he is already dozing off! What bliss!! To us I mean! He used to only fall asleep past midnight but these few days, he is in bed at 10pm. Im quite glad Mom gets to rest early. And so do we ...

Time really flies .. still remember hunting for a kindy and now Bryan is in his 2nd year in pre-school. I think its time to look into a chinese primary school.