Monday, June 14, 2010

Koi Fish Jelly

Getting really busy at work these days. Will have to be in Bali again whole of next week to host a conference for 80 pax, so imagine lah the work that is needed.

Nevertheless, I miss baking and decided to hit the kitchen again on Saturday evening while Bryan was at my mom's place for the afternoon. I decided to embark on a jelly adventure and managed to churn out 2 new types of jelly that I have never made before.

The first one is a koi fish jelly.

Second, a mixed corn jelly using my mini flower & mooncake mould. Cutie pie looking hor?

So what's cooking in your kitchen these days?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malaysian Ice Cream!!

You wont believe how happy I was when I saw it! Do you guys remember the good old malaysian ice cream? I used to love it soooo much! And my favourite flavour was thick milo!!!!

We were in Cameron Highlands last weekend and I got to taste strawberry flavoured ones and oh boy ... they were darn good!

Bryan taste it for the very first time and at first, he just wanted to hold it .. until I taught him how to suck it! And then, he never gave it back to me ... LOL!

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time. Will update more in a couple of days okie? Thanks for dropping by!