Monday, February 22, 2010

Lights Nite Out @ i-City Shah Alam

For the past 2 years, I was actually wondering if there would be anything new in town during CNY other than shopping mall decos. The temple at Jenjarom was the past hit and we were there 5-6 CNY ago. Never went back there again since it is now just flooding with tourists and locals during CNY. Then I read about Ng Yen Yen lauching i-City!

We did not have any program on the 3rd day of CNY so we decided to head to Shah Alam to check it out. I had my expectations lowered so it was kinda nice when you are there and see what you actually expected.

It was originally done up for X'Mas back in Dec 09 but lacked publicity I guess. I actually found them to be really beautiful especially those done up for X'Mas. For CNY they just added hundreds of lanterns to the existing deco, so it was not over-the-top beautiful but still worth a first visit.

Entrace was free. Parking was free too. They have multi-storey car parks available and walking over was not a problem. We were they just past 7pm and the crowd started pouring in past 8pm. By then, we were done viewing and was on our way out searching for dinner.

With Bryan, we dont normally have a time to slowly enjoy every single thing we do or eat *wink*.

CNY in School

Bryan had a pre-CNY party in school on 12 February. So I donned him in a traditional chinese costume which I bought in HK when I was there visiting back in July last year .. yeah, I kept it for this CNY ... such advanced planning by this Virgorean mommy!

It fitted him perfectly and off he went to school to show off to his friends and teachers. There were only 2 boys who wore traditional costumes.

Being Bryan, he only stood there for like 5 seconds. Even that 5 seconds, teacher had to practically hold him there. After that, teacher also gave up. Let him run lah, all round the school.

Parents of kids contributed to some CNY goodies to be shared with their classmates, so I made some cuppies as Bryan's contribution. I used a cartoon theme even though it was a CNY party cos I reckoned kids would not really understand CNY yet, so I do hope his classmates & teachers liked it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea

I recently had a chance to sample a new drink in town. Its called C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea! Its actually 100% green tea but flavoured with apple, lemon and forest fruit .. cool eh!

From what I read from its label, its apparently 100% natural green tea, meaning it is brewed and not made from concentrates or powder. And they are also brewed and packed on the very same day ... making it so fresh in taste and smell .. hmmm!!!

I am no green tea fan I tell ya (yeah, me coffee addict) and I stay away from green tea altogether cos I dont like the normal strong greenish tea smell the usual green tea drinks have, but this one, you gotta try it to like it!

I tried the apple flavour first. Unchilled. Its was ok. I was able to taste a good balance of the green tea and the apple flavour. The tea did not overpower the apple taste and it actually gave it a nice touch of flavour to an ordinary green tea.

Next, I tried the lemon. Chilled this time. It was a blast! It was full of flavour and very very refreshing! In fact, I just returned from a long drive under the hot sun (searching high & low for cheap & good lime trees lah for CNY) and boy! It was really good! It cleared my thirst instantly! I loved it! Hubby tried the forest fruit flavour and did not even leave me a sip!

I have 3 cartons at home now and this is what is going to be served for CNY ... provided there is any left by then. Hubby and lil one seem to be eyeing it all the time *wink*. Honestly, its a good alternative to those carbonated drinks out there. Its full of anti-oxidants and so beneficial to our body. You have to be careful of the sugar though. As long as its taken in moderation, should be ok I guess. And its HALAL too .. perfect for my muslim friends that will be coming over for CNY.

Apparently, its now selling at Jusco and Giant .. both of which is near my house. And also at 7-11 outlets. Will check it out if I find my 3 cartons of supply diminishing too soon!

Do remember to give it a try if you see them on the shelves .. its good!