Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My built-in Microwave Oven

I never planned for one but decided to after all, get a built-in unit to complete the "look" of my kitchen. Moreover, I just need a basic unit to compliment my baking & cooking plans. Not doing anything fancy with it.

I ended up with a brand new and recently launched Fagor Microwave Oven. It cost me RM999.

I find its features pretty good and moreover, it is stainless steel finishing which I prefer.

It looks neat, not bulky at all and compliments my Ariston oven too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Very likely not

We are still undecided on our trip end of this week. A bit too afraid to go but feel that it is such a waste as we have to forego the airticket that we paid for. Feel so sad ler .. but what to do. Dont wanna be the one to force the trip cos if anything happen, I will be blamed for the rest of my life!

On the other hand, our neighbour's son has been affected. He is down with A(H1N1) and I think they have quarantined him at home in a room. He is about 7 years old I think. Where did he get it from? I never had a chance to ask. Just heard it from my MIL. Have not seen any of them outside at the garden or fence area, so no chance to ask them directly also. See, they never travel but also at risk. So at the end of the day, sit her or sit there, also at risk if we are not careful about hygiene right???

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I can't believe my eyes!

I got a real shock when I visited one of the office blocks in the city the other day. I was hunting for a car park within the small parking floor of the said building. And then I realised that I had to park on the "upper bay" like as if land was as scarce as Japan or Hong Kong!

It was like a crane system and we had to park on the crane, then press the button to lift up your car to the upper deck!

Some people saw me snapping this pic and they must be thinking I am so "ulu".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Should we go?

I have been pretty excited about planning for our first "real" holiday since Bryan was born. Moreover, a free 3D2N accommodation at The Andaman was just too good to let go!

You know, I have been waiting for ages to go on a real holiday! I have been waiting for the day where my son understands instructions (following instructions is another thing lah!), waiting for him to know how to sit still (not jumping about like lil monkey) and waiting for him to be able to eat a variety of food comfortably (and not having to carry along my slowcooker to boil porridge!).

We have even booked our flight! But now ... after 6 more deaths in one day relating to H1N1 is beginning to worry me lah! Todate, there are 44 deaths and most of them are in the high-risk category ... meaning kids and old folks lor. Aiyoh ... how now? To go or not to go?

I know, sure you will say, better be safe than sorry right? But .. but .. but .. aiyoh. Have to wait and see a lil longer ... cos trip will coincide with the long Merdeka weekend ... still got time to monitor the situation.

Err ... is there any precautionary jabs for my prince to strenghten his immune system against flu-related illnesses? Can consider wor hor?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prince's New Playground

Within our gated community, we have a small playground for the residents. Nothing fancy but just the basics to keep the young ones occupied & happy.

His all-time favourite is the "shuaaaaaat" ... meaning the slide lah ... hehehe. Every time we drive past a playground, he would say "mommy, play shuaaaat" :-)

We usually spend Sunday evenings there, just to let him run about freely and perhaps in the coming weeks, we will bring along the bicycle he got as a pressie on his 2nd birthday earlier this year. He can now reach the peddles comfortably, just that we never allowed him to ride it outdoors (too dangerous lah, cars zooming in & out) and thus, he does not enjoy riding on it inside the house lor. So hopefully, he will start loving the rides all over again.I am sure he is as excited as mommy to move into our new home.

Friday, August 7, 2009

No eye see!

Hello guys! I'm back to the blogging business .. hehehe.

Oh, i feel so left out with the outside world now. Feel like so much has happened while I have been busy settling into a new routine professionally.

I have also been busy shopping for my new home. I have everything in mind and have placed some orders, so as soon as the nest is ready for moving in, the big items will come in first.

My lil prince has been busy shopping with us as well ... but I think he got sick of it!

So no more shopping for furniture, electrical items, etc. for the new few weeks. But we will have to concentrate more on smaller items, like mirrors, frames, etc.

Will blog more regularly from now on .. so lets keep each other posted!

See ya soon!