Monday, November 30, 2009

Too much?

Being my first time, I had no idea what I really needed or how much. So I ended up with 2 large boxes and 4 smaller boxes of ornaments and 4 packs of lights. I ended up using only 1/3 of the ornaments and all 4 packs of lights.

This is, of course, the in-progress pic. Too tired to take pics after it was ready. Will do so in a few days.

I'm cooking!

I can't believe it myself! I actually cooked 2 meals!!!! Actually it was 3. Cos the very day we moved in, we had to cook a meal for ourselves (so as to "wong" the kitchen la), so I ended up doing a simple one-pot bak-kut-teh and fried vege. Simple and nice. Chewah! My ILs came for dinner too. Have not heard any complains or tummy ache, etc, so I guess it went well.

Last weekend (Friday off mah), I masak spaghetti cos I won a free pot mah. So try using it lor. It was pretty easy but my first time mah, so a bit kelam kabut in the kitchen lah. But still ended up both hubby and I sapu till almost habis lah. So I think it went ok as well lah. Hehehehe. For the spaghetti night, I also tried to make some fresh prawn + mango wantan, deep fried till crispy. It was yummy to me, but hubby said a bit funny taste ... guess its the mango lor. He not used to having menu that has cooked fruits in them, so thats why lor.

On Sat, we went to Petaling Street to get our first X'Mas tree, so ask hubby to tapau a small portion of duck for our dinner. Got home, I fried some cabbage + tri-color bell peppers & also fried 3 eggs with some (immitation) crab meet + corns! Trying to be a bit adventurous cos if it was our moms, dont think they will use that combination! Overall, good also. Edible lah.

Dont ask me for recipe yet ok, me test test kitchen only.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bryan's Room

2 weeks ago, hubby decided that we should get Bryan his own bed. A normal sized single bed and not just a kiddy bed. So off we went to Ikea (where else!) to scout for one. We liked this particular one we choose as it fitted the needs of the room. It has 3 sides covered up which works perfect. A mattress from Dunlopillo and a bedsheet from Parkson, and it was all ready for his use!

To complete the look of his room, I had earlier ordered some really super-cute wall decals from Jundeco! When I first bought them, I was wondering if they would be easy to use and apply on walls. But on the day I started pasting them on, I tell ya, it was super easy. And it looks really cool. Bryan loves his room alot! Even I love it. Its my favourite room in the entire home!

Here are some pictures to share.

Did I tell you that Bryan is crazy over flowers and butterflies??? It's crazy. Every single night and every single time he gets hold of a pen or pencil, he will ask the one nearest to him, to draw flowers and butterflies! And one session can end up making you draw at least 10-20 butterflies ok! So I decided to give him lots of flowers and butterflies in his room! The curtain supplier thought that I am decorating the room for my daughter .. hehehe. Nevermind. I am wondering if he will turn out to be a gay .. but again ... nevermind. I heard gays are much more caring and have higher disposable income!!!! And again, I dont have to deal with all those daughter-in-law issues .. wakkakakakaa! Tell me I am thinking too far ahead.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it Christmas time?

The moment month of December comes, we can instantly feel Christmassy! The lights have been up already along Ikea/Curve (now only Nov wor ...) when we visited last week. Its a nice feeling towards the year-end .. especially bonus time ... hehehe.

I have all along been planning for a tree for our new home. I intend to purchase a tree and light it up in the month of December. And its for Bryan's sake. He loves it when we visit shopping malls (the past 2 yrs) checking out all the extensive decorations while we mall-hop!
So this year, we will have one in our home sweet home. Complete with a Christmas dinner (fingers crossed!). And visits from my long-time buddies from Penang & Singapore would make it so fun! Miss them so much. Been ages since we sat down to chat. So looking forward for Christmas this year.
So Petaling Street will be my next destination - once I settle in this Nov. Heard you can find some good & very reasonably priced trees there. But tipu one lah, not the "real" tree. Here I come!

Monday, November 9, 2009

All in a days work

Last Friday and Saturday was such a busy day. The renovation contractors were working at our place in full force. They had to get it ready that weekend as we will be moving in this week.

There was such a huge buzz around the house. Just a word of thanks for all their hard work, just to ensure we, clients, have a comfy home as per our requirements.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some social life

Hardly had it since Bryan came along. I cant put into words how active and curious he is at ALL things. Like I have said before, even walking is not in his dictionary. Only jumping or requesting to be carried around like a royal highness!

At home, the things that he does or does not do, makes me so tired. I really dont know how to describe his terrible-2 stage. Terrfying-3 stage is beginning. I mean, since he was born, he wakes up twice a night for milk, another one or two sessions of nyek nyek nyek and its time for me to get up for work. So I look very much like an Ah Soh now, after 2.5 years.

Nevertheless, one evening Mom decided not to cook since Sis wont be back for dinner. And she being alone, does not make sense to cook. So decided to take her out for a meal at a nearby newly opened western food restaurant. Bryan enjoyed his time running around every where. If you dont stop him, he will already be in the kitchen just 2 mins after we enter the restaurant.

Anyway, just some blaberring from me in this post. Feel tired even by just thinking about him. Hahahaha.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perfect gift and right on time!

I'm so delighted! Its a small thing but means a lot! I was so pleasantly surprised this morning when I logged on to my Hotmail account and saw an email that had the word "Congratulations" in the header! Now, I was very careful to ensure it was not a spam or junk mail .. and I checked on the sender and ..... yeaaah! It was Sue Sue!

Sue Sue hosted a pasta pot giveaway and I decided to participate with the intention of learning. I dont know and never cooked pasta before and her post had lots of contributors with great pasta recipes for kids .. which is great for me cos Im moving to my new house next week and will have to start cooking on weekends .. and pasta is indeed a wholesome meal and totally easy to prepare. Perfect right?
Thanks dear for the perfect new gift for my new kitchen :-)
Note: Photo taken from Sue Sue's blog.

Own land on Moon!

I really dont know what else these people are going to come up with next! Read today in The Star online that there is this lady - a dumb, crazy, siow-char-bor lady that actually buys a piece of land each year on Shah Rukh Khan's birthday as a gift to him!

It sure does sound acceptionally unique! And yeah, it caught my attention and probably a million others, and yeah, a good marketing/pr effort indeed.

But land on moon? I dont know lah.