Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some social life

Hardly had it since Bryan came along. I cant put into words how active and curious he is at ALL things. Like I have said before, even walking is not in his dictionary. Only jumping or requesting to be carried around like a royal highness!

At home, the things that he does or does not do, makes me so tired. I really dont know how to describe his terrible-2 stage. Terrfying-3 stage is beginning. I mean, since he was born, he wakes up twice a night for milk, another one or two sessions of nyek nyek nyek and its time for me to get up for work. So I look very much like an Ah Soh now, after 2.5 years.

Nevertheless, one evening Mom decided not to cook since Sis wont be back for dinner. And she being alone, does not make sense to cook. So decided to take her out for a meal at a nearby newly opened western food restaurant. Bryan enjoyed his time running around every where. If you dont stop him, he will already be in the kitchen just 2 mins after we enter the restaurant.

Anyway, just some blaberring from me in this post. Feel tired even by just thinking about him. Hahahaha.

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Mummy Gwen said...

This age is like that. It shall pass. Hang in there. :)