Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easier Tiramisu Cake

Not much happening at home lately. Its all routine and nothing more. Have not been baking much as well but promised myself to make a cake for one of our close friends. He was turning 40 and it was a cause for celebration!!

I decided on a tiramisu cake. Tiramisu would sound intimidating for those who dont know how to make it, cos they normally taste real heavenly and looks good too! But once I ran through the recipe (more than a year ago!) and actually started doing it, it was real easy. And the finished product looks soooo impressive even if its made by an amateur!
The only "highly skilled" part of making this cake is when it comes to whipping the cream. In our weather, I've learnt from past mistake that we need to FREEZE the bowl, beater and the cream for at least 10 mins. Only then, the cream turns out nicely whipped :-) Trust me, learnt from personal mistake and cream aint cheap these days you know. Even cheese is so darn expensive! Dont even try mascarpone cheese cos they cost almost RM30 for a bar of 250gm which is just enough for a small cake. I stick to cream cheese :-) To me, they still taste heavenly if you have a generous dose of Baileys ... hehehe.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy Mickey Mouse Cake

As you know by now, I started dabbling in cake baking & decorating during my (limited) leisure time. Having baked hubby his birthday cake, I decided to get Bryan his very first mommy-baked cake as well!

1st birthday = barney 3D cake
2nd birthday = Blues Clues cake
3rd birthday = what else! Mickey Mouse lor!

Limited baking tools do not deter one from baking a cute cake I guess. Of couse as usual, I only own the basics like a round or a square pan. Nothing fancy. And no Mickey Mouse cake moulds from Wilton either. So I used the cover of Bryan's milk tin to imprint the round head and then used 2 drinking classes to imprint the ears on the icing **wide smile** Next, I just had to mix the icing with the right colors and piped my way through!

And guess what I used to make sure I had the right size for the wordings "BRYAN"? Guess. Guess. Ok let me tell ya, I used his magnet alphabets that had letterings from A-Z ... huahahahaha. I washed it clean and wiped it dry. Then I imprint the magnet onto the icing again to give me a guide and piped it with colored icing lor. Creative leh!
I also baked him 16 cuppies for the birthday party for April kids in his kindy. And he was the only one with mommy-baked cakes. The rest was store bought. I was beaming with pride but probably the teachers would be saying .. aiyoh this mommy so kiam siap! Who cares!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why no updates?

Because I dont know how and when it happened, but when I wanted to download all the new pics of my cupcakes and bryan's, there was nothing on my phone! Aiyoh! All those that I snapped for the past months and all my videos are all gone! I really dont know how it happened so I am still recovering from the "trauama". Thankfully, all my phone contacts and appointments are still in there .. so strange stuff happened ... and I cant recall how it happened.

Anyway, Mom has been feeling down lately. Bryan seems to be pretty weak since he fell sick the 2nd time last month. He is not "weak" as in really weak. He still is still jumping, running & bouncing all over but he just does not want to eat solid food. He used to love chicken rice, kuay teow soup with fishballs and recently nasi lemak with chicken, but for the past full week, he does not want a single scoop of rice or anything! Just milk.

We took him to a chinese sinseh last weekend and he claimed that he is pretty weak inside. And so now Bryan is on medication with chinese herbs. Thank god, he loves chinese medication. The more bitter the better! Yeah, strange lil boy. Try giving him some western medication (be it strawberry or orange flavour) and he will yell his lungs out!!! And try giving him this bitter medication, he will go running to the high chair and wait for me to finish bancuh the powdered hereb with warm water and then open his mouth wide wide. He would sometimes GARGLE his mouth with the chinese herb before swallowing! His version of wine I guess!!!

I hope and pray he will have his normal appetite soon.