Monday, January 21, 2013

Chinese Eye Cookies

Usually by end Nov each year, I would have decided on my range of CNY cookies to be made available for sale at my Confections page.   These are then open for sale in the month of December and usually before Christmas, my order book would be full.

I tried hard to think of something different and not just offer the usual peanut cookies, green pea cookies or "snake" cookies although its the year of the snake!   I like something new and I do get bored of doing the same type of cookies.

Finally, I made something that I named "Chinese Eye" cookies lol!!    Its a butter based cookie topped with melted choc & home roasted whole almonds.   Cute leh .. hehehe.     For those who have tasted it (did a test run earlier to try out various recipes ma) they loved it.   So it was highly recommended to offer this sale this year.

My test batch used dark chocolate but for actual deliveries, I prefer to use milk chocolate.   My cookie is NOT SWEET and since the dark chocolate is slightly bitter, the milk chocolate would give it some sweetness that is needed for all cookies.

And for those who had the courage to order it, hope you like it.   I will definitely offer this for sale again next CNY cos I know almond lovers would love this.