Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sit Daddie's Car

Mommie : Bryan want to go school?
Bryan : Go school.
Mommie : Bryan wear new uniform, take new bag, sit Aunty Fong's car, go school ok?
Bryan : Sit Daddie's car
Mommie : Daddie go work. Mommie also go work. Bryan sit Aunty Fong's car, go school ok?
Bryan : No! Sit Daddie's car.
Mommie : Daddie go work wor. Bryan go school ok?
Bryan : Go school, ok.
Mommie : Sit Aunty Fong's car ok?
Bryan : No! Sit Daddie's car!

On one hand, so happy, he dont simply follow other people's car. Sometimes, even my SIL's car, he will bising one, dont want to sit in there, unless I follow him.

Hope this coming Monday would not be a tough session emotionally :-(

Monday, December 28, 2009

Flower Power!

Over lunch last week, my colleague suggested we drop by a nursery to see if their CNY plants have arrived. I am one, who is not keen over gardening and am glad my new house does not have any plots with sand or grass! Serious! I dont like gardening at all.

Nevertheless, I do like flowers ... hehehe. So I bought some potted flower plants at RM7 each and headed home to make it more cheerful, in preparation for the X'Mas dinner cum CNY!

I'll see how long they last *wink*

A really nice X'Mas gathering!

I am glad the night turned out well. My first x'mas dinner was not fantastic (food wise) but boleh tahan lah. Almost 3/4 kena sapu habis and therefore, not too much leftovers.

Not much time for pics but here's sharing with you what I managed to capture.

Below is the kinda-miserable turkey we ordered. Initially, when I went to pick it up, I was disappointed that it turned out so small. But during dinner, I was glad it was just the right size. I saved some meat and the bones for an awesome turkey porridge to come!

And here is the duck bruchetta that my great old pal helped me with! So thankful for his help. It turned out great! My SIL is asking for the recipe!

Prepared the salad in the afternoon and kept it chilled. Only poured the dressing over about dinner time. Sauteed some broccoli with ham too, for those we dont take fresh vege. I liked thi salad a lot. Next round, should add more nuts for a crunchy bite!

I tried being a bit creative and used my bento cutter to make some x'mas tree shaped watermelon. But I could not stomach the wastage that comes with this method. So I improvised and made "bigger" trees instead! Do you like it?

This is the konnyaku jelly I made the night before. Taste wise was at the right level of sweetness and texture wise, was quite ok. I shall keep to this recipe of 850ml of water + 220 gm sugar to 1 packet of konnyaku jelly. Its perfect for me.

Sad that I dont have any pics of my prawn mango wanton! And the warm spaghetti that mom helped dish out! And no pics of my warm brownie nor my ribena cheesecake! Or the lychee fizzy .. aiyoh!

This is my first experience at hosting a dinner. And I am glad it went quite ok. So more sessions in Year 2010!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Menu

Off I go tonight, to the supermarket to get my ingredients for my so-called X'Mas dinner! Why I said "so-called" is because i told a friend of mine what I'll be preparing and he said "huh ... so not chrismassy one?" But then, fren, I got lou-yan-kar at my dinner mah, so that's why lor.

Firstly, I made an order (way ahead!) for a honey-roasted turkey with chestnut stuffing! Rm198 for a 4-kg bird was not too bad you know. Then, I have some aglio olio spaghetti dished up warm *wink* to go with the big bird. Some side dishes .. say a fresh rainbow salad and a duck bruschetta and voila! Its a complete meal! And for my MIL's sake, I decided to ask a friend to get me some of that famous satay along the highway for that night. In case, she does not like the big bird. It's her first time, so .... And remember, dont go to any branch, just the "along the highway" branch.

But how can we not have any dessert? So I am thinking of whipping up a ribena cheesecake. Yes! Ribena cheesecake! Never tried before leh. I'll show you some pics next week ok? And how about a warm brownie too? I bought bags of almonds and walnuts over the weekend, so I may bake them by tomorrow evening, if not on Friday morning itself.

For yum seng, we will have some wine. And a bottle of coffee liquor all the way from my Langkawi trip. And of course for the kids and non-mabuk kaki, will get them some lychee fizzy to cool their throat after a heavy meal!

How bout that! Sounds good?? Sure sounds good but not sure how the dishes are going to actually turn out. Wish me luck please. Loads of em!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm up for one now!

The blogging world is so magical! I never knew that there is just so much to learn and share with other fellow bloggers. Especially mommy bloggers like us! I have to admit that, before I started blogging, I knew very little on what's out there. Whenever, I needed anything, I would just head out for Metro or Jusco (cos I used to work within Mid Valley mah). But now, being online with other bloggers has opened up so much of the world to me!

  • I never bought anything online prior to blogging!
  • I even never believed that those things that were up for sale online would actually be sent to me after paying for it!
  • Of course, i also never knew about Paypal before! (laugh at me lah)
  • I never knew there were so many friendships to be made
  • And so many goodies to be shared!

I am one, who would never spend more than necessary. Even on my own wedding photos! You know how they sell wedding-photography packages right? The give you the bare minimum and then try to entice you to add on more & more photos to your wedding album? Well, I was one of the sceptical ones. I took the 16-page minimum package and the studio owner was shocked! He said I was the rare few who wanted just the "basic" photos whilst most brides would want the max! To me, they are only nice the first few weeks. After that, its mostly hidden in the cupboard.

I only started blogging over a year ago. And along in the blogging world, I was exposed to many online stores and I loved the way it made blogging mommies who are home full time taking care of their loved ones, make their living worth so much more! Then I started buying online clothing for Bryan. Some were good and some were not. But that's life I guess.

One thing that I have not tried at all and have been sceptical about spending a few hundred ringgit, is those model-like photography shots! I have seen so many mommies have these photos taken while pregnancy, newborn shots, family shots, etc and after seeing so many, I wonder if I would loose out on the lovely moments not being captured ...... will I, will I???

I borrowed this pics from TwoPixels website and I think I am in love with this. Actually it made me regret that I didnt take some good pics of Bryan when he was born.

He was such a difficult baby and he still is a difficult toddler, and honestly, I dont have any mood for all this. Maybe I should just leave this to the professionals?? Good idea?

But I am still not willing to spend so much leh .. especially for the first time? Is it really worth it? I am not convinced! But I can try my luck! Luck is free one mah right? Call me al-cheapo or call me kiasu, whatever. No harm trying right? So wish me luck! Who knows, I may fall head-over-heels with such photography leh and will have many many more sessions leh *wink*. So, hope I am one f the 3 lucky bloggers to win a free photography package! It would make a perfect New Year's gift for us!!!!!

Test Test Kitchen Again

Over the long weekend, we did not go anywhere. Just wanted to stay home to rest. Moreover, we had some contractors coming for some touch-up paint-work here and there, and that took almost the whole day.

Did not get in the hourly maids this week. So after sending Bryan off to mom's place in the morning, I cleaned and mopped the house. Wuuaah, at night no choice, ask hubby to give me a deep-muscle rub with some Counterpain ointment! Now I know how it feels when age catches up!

Tried experimenting in the kitchen on Sunday. Banana cake damn good! Che-wah, sendiri angkat sendiri. But actually, it was really quite nice. I did a cream cheese fruit cake 2 days earlier, which was not bad when it was fresh. After the 3rd day, it started to harden, so for this cake, will only make when we have more people to share the joy *wink*.

I tried making a fanciful looking finger food cos it was rather easy but looks changgih *wide cheeky smile*. But the taste was disastrous! The original recipe calls for bacon to be wrapped over the immitation crab sticks, but I did have any in my fridge, so gua tried using ham lor ... but it was tasteless. So it was a failure. So this Friday, less one thing to serve my guests during our X'Mas dinner lah. I sure hope my turkey which I ordered would be a killer! Else, boring lah my X'Mas dinner party. Next, have to experiment on my cheese cake .... hmm!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oven & Kitchen Time!

On weekends, I try to cook or bake something really simple? Why simple? Cos that is the only thing I am confident of ... wuakakakaka! So it has been fried rice or spaghetti for lunch/dinner. Else tapau chicken rice ... nyek nyek nyek. And oh! Tried baking some chicken wings too!
Baked 2 types of muffin last week. One is the plain type (cos I dont wanna waste my ingredients while trying out a recipe for the first time!). It worked out well, so for the 2nd batch, I added some cream cheese cubes & choc chips. Yummy!

I also tried my hand at steaming a tray of 9-layer kuih. I tell ya, taste and look was really good. But was wondering why mine so hard sampai so difficult to cut with my plastic knife (yeah, for this kuih have to use plastic knife to cut one .. why .. i dunno ... i find out and tell you in my next kuih post, okay). Thinking and thinking then I realised, oooh I forgot to add 500ml of plain warm water in addition to my coconut cream .. ahh no wonder lah! Bau so fantastic but cannot cut nicely leh. Nevertheless, good 1st try. At least I tried mah! So next week, i am more confident of attempting it again ... yeah!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still hunting for kindy!

Its been quite a while but in between the past 10 weekends, we have had so many things to do and places to visit.

As you know, we have put in so much time and effort in shopping for the new house. We did not do any major renovation, but still, even choosing a sofa, you need to visit at least 5 outlets or so before deciding on one right? So imagine lah, we have to buy EVERY SINGLE THING for the house, and imagine lah, HOW MANY SHOPS we had to visit .... now I think back, I wonder how we managed.

Now, all dust have settled, and its seriously time for us to "shop" for a kindy for the brat. By hook or by crook, he HAS TO GO to school on 4 Jan. Why? Because I know mom is tired of him ... physically tired of him ... cos he is like a bee! Buzzing around every where and any where and all the time! And on most times, you have to be behind him, cos, just give him 3 seconds, and .. and ... sure something will happen. Either he open the fridge and screw something up, or inside the toilet playing with water, or in the living room banging on his portable DVD player or throwing the remote control aiming at our brand new LCD TV or banging his bicycle at our sliding door .... so no choice, have to guard him like a hawk!

And every Sat & Sun, its my turn for 24 hrs non-stop guarding. So I am tired. Really tired. Hopefully school will "mellow" him down a bit. Some of the teachers I met told me, dont worry, when he is here, he will see other kids eating, he will follow. He sees other kids drawing, he will follow. So I do hope you are right teacher!

We have been to Mayter, Little Inventor and Shining Stars. This week I hope to cover Lovely Star, QQ Alam and maybe UCSI but I think this one is a bit too far. But whatever it is, we need to make a decision. Actually, we dont have an issue with the kindy itself, but its the transportation arrangement that is lacking. There are a few independent "aunties" who fetch and send kids here & there .. but I am not sure if this is a good option. Some thinking to do this weekend. And a decision has to be made!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I tried

I really tried but equipped with just the camera from my Nokia E66, can't really expect much. Anyhow, hope you can "see" our first ever tree!

The brat is sick if it already (since the 3rd day .. oh well). But I am still enjoying it. MIL & SIL dropped by last night and they liked it too!

Spent a total of RM180 for this. I think it can be good for a couple of years, so I hope it will be money well spent.

Next on my to-do list, X'Mas dinner menu planning.