Monday, December 21, 2009

Test Test Kitchen Again

Over the long weekend, we did not go anywhere. Just wanted to stay home to rest. Moreover, we had some contractors coming for some touch-up paint-work here and there, and that took almost the whole day.

Did not get in the hourly maids this week. So after sending Bryan off to mom's place in the morning, I cleaned and mopped the house. Wuuaah, at night no choice, ask hubby to give me a deep-muscle rub with some Counterpain ointment! Now I know how it feels when age catches up!

Tried experimenting in the kitchen on Sunday. Banana cake damn good! Che-wah, sendiri angkat sendiri. But actually, it was really quite nice. I did a cream cheese fruit cake 2 days earlier, which was not bad when it was fresh. After the 3rd day, it started to harden, so for this cake, will only make when we have more people to share the joy *wink*.

I tried making a fanciful looking finger food cos it was rather easy but looks changgih *wide cheeky smile*. But the taste was disastrous! The original recipe calls for bacon to be wrapped over the immitation crab sticks, but I did have any in my fridge, so gua tried using ham lor ... but it was tasteless. So it was a failure. So this Friday, less one thing to serve my guests during our X'Mas dinner lah. I sure hope my turkey which I ordered would be a killer! Else, boring lah my X'Mas dinner party. Next, have to experiment on my cheese cake .... hmm!


LittleLamb said...

wah wah wah..... cleaning the whole house all by yourself...*salute*
for me, if i hv not help, the first thing to clean is toilet, then laundry.. sigh..u mentioned mop..i suddenly felt tired :(

nice try on yr cooking too..... will try it one day ya..;p

vickylow said...

Oh I love your cracker with ham & crab meat, am I correct? It look very nice and special.

2ma said...

wow, you are doing lots of experimating for this fri huh? good luck!

Ann said...

HMMMM....yummy!!! Hope you have a great Christmas dinner!

You are really experimenting girl! Way to go!