Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CNY Cookies for Sale

This marks my maiden try at selling home baked cookies for Chinese New Year.   I've tried several recipes that I am comfortable with and decided on the following types of cookies.

Top Row Left - Daisy Cookies - Box of 56 pcs
Top Row Right - Melting Moments - Box of 56 pcs
2nd Row Left - Pineapple Blossom Tarts - Box of 42 pcs
2nd Row Right - Love Letters by my Aunt - Tin of approx 100 pcs

Should you wish to order, do drop me an email at or like my Confections Page on Facebook.

Many thanks for all those who have already placed their orders.   Am so very thankful for your support & trust.  

CNY Love Letters

This is one of the "must-have" item for us each Chinese New Year.   Love Letters!   Who does not like them?    I grew up making these with my mom, aunt, uncles & cousins but I've stopped joining them since I got married.    We used to make them in a big way for sale during CNY.    Good money but long hours in front of the charcoal grill.    I can gulp down an entire tin in no time ... how about you?  Do you like it?