Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food Filled Week - Part 1

Oh no! Distractions again! There goes my health plan for the week!

But the good news is .. Happy 70th Birthday, Mother!!!!

Its was my mother-in-law's birthday last Tuesday and both my sister-in-law and their respective families will be flying & driving back to KL to celebrate this very auspicious & joyous occasion.

We had a lovely dinner at one of the local chinese restaurant.

She has requested for a similar "monk-jump-over-the-wall" that we had during this year's Mothers' Day celebrations. She really loved it cos it was the authentic (and very expensive!)
version (smile smile) and since my sis-in-law from Hong Kong is back in town, she suggested we order that again to let them try.

We also had several other dishes .. pics below ... but no pics of the famous "monk-jump-over-the-wall" cos by the time the dish arrived, I almost lost my appetite attending to my hyper-active son ...

We also had the birthday cake specially ordered from the very famous Just Heavenly team.

Its a marbled butter covered with a just-nice sweetness of buttercream and some cute little "sau pau" as decoration. This is my birthday gift to her and I hope she likes it.
I also hoped everybody enjoyed the cake much as I did! Oops! Sorry! I know I should not eat too much .. but I just had one piece ... really!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Report Card # 1 - Post Mortem

First & foremost, I need to explain what I feel different when I first started on this health plan compared to day.

2 weeks ago, I felt tired all the time and my stomach seems to be expanding like crazy (wind). The dark circles below my eyes are pretty bad and my whole body seems bloated (water retention). Both my feet also ache easily after an hour in the mall and my back (spine area) aches badly when I carry my son for a prolonged period of time (which can be as short as 10 mins - ha!)

2 weeks later, today, I still feel tired but slightly less. My tummy is very slightly smaller. I can see its slightly smaller. During the first week, I burped quite a bit. I guess this helped my tummy measurements a bit. Dark circles just slightly better too but still visible. Feets do hurt quite a bit but at least I can last longer in the mall (happy!).

The inch loss probably helped with my water retention problem and my current diet plan has not really kick into my real fats yet I guess. Hence the very low kg loss.

Other than this, hmm ... nothing much kua.

Nevertheless, lets see how it goes for another 2 weeks. Keeping my fingers, toes, tonque and everything else possible of crossing, crossed!

Report Card # 1

Guess what! Guess what!

I lost a total of 10 inches from various parts of my body combined & 1% of internal body fat in 2 weeks!

I also managed to increase my body's water level from 39.9% to now 40.2%. Hmm ... seems like the 3 litres of water/day is doing me some good. That's the good news.

But the bad news is ... I only lost 1 kg in weight. Cry. Cry. My metabolism rate is damn bloody slow and damn stubborn too!

Well, according to my health plan coach, this is quite a good achievement. She says she hardly comes across anyone who can loose 1% of internal fat within 2 weeks. Some even take up to 3 mths to show similar results it seems.

Here's sharing with you the breakdown of my first report card :-

Chest (Upper) - lost 2 inches
Chest (Lower) - lost 1 inch
Waist - lost 1 inch
Hip - lost 1.5 inches
Thigh (Right) - lost 1 inch
Thigh (Left) - lost 1 inch
Arm (Right) - lost 1 inch
Arm (Left) - lost 1.5 inches.

So there you go ... my 10 inches in total.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nope. Nothing's happening.

Yeap, you read me right. Nothing has happened for the past 2 weeks.

You know what I am talking about right? Yeap, that's the one I am referring to. My health plan. Yeap, you read me right again ... I've been on very low calorie meals + 3 litres of water/day for the past 2 weeks and I dont feel an inch smaller or a gram lighter! Damn!

To be fair, I have not stepped on the scale since I started my health plan. So, I plan to do so next week when my work schedule is better, so that I can call in my health coach to bring along her ever-reliable electric scale that can measure every single layer of fat in me!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The day after a weekend ..

Its tough. Its a weekend and there are lots more temptations!

Its also not fair. Its not fair when you have stuck to a strict diet for 5 continuous days and you are not still not allowed to indulge on a weekend!

Well, I get to eat what I want during dinner each day, you would say. But hey, how often do you get to indulge in a nice nice dinner at home during a weekend huh? Home cooked food is of course the best but its just the time of the month where you wish to savour something sweet & nice ... like a piece of cake from Secret Recipe .... oh oh, my secret is out.

Yes, I cheated! But ah .. but ah ... ok ... ok ... I will (try to) behave better.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What's happening so far ...

Hmm ... let's see. Well, for one, I am visiting the toilet at least 10-12 times within my daily 10-hour work schedule during the weekdays.

This "extra curricular activity" kinda keeps me busy and sometimes, I even feel a bit "fed-up" cos it eats into my busy schedule at the office especially when the bosses are in that week!

But looking at it positively, hey, detoxing should be good for a 30+ almost 40 year old body huh? After all, never really made an effort to take care of my body all these years ...

So, hoping for more improvement .. slowly but surely (hopefully!).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Water Therapy

Over and over again, my mother would remind me to drink lots of water everyday when I was young and at school. And now, more than 30 years into my life, its my hubby who always reminds me to drink more water everyday! And guess what, I too, now remind myself to feed my son more water everyday - hahahaha! Silly eh?

But you know, water is so plain. So dull. Tasteless. But yet some people swear by being healthy and strong by just drinking enough water each day to flush out toxic from our body created by all the food we eat everyday.

Since last Friday, i decided to do something to improve my health and it is only right I start with drinking "enough" amount of water each day. Doctors and articles from magazines or the internet would advise you to drink 8 glasses of water each day ... but the point it, they never mention what is the size of the glass! A glass in china could mean a tea-cup and a glass in US could be a jumbo sized Coke????

So, according to my health plan coach, she recommended me 3 litres of water each day. And this measurement of water is for MY body according to MY health plan. So dont follow me blindly okay? If you need to know how much of water your individual body needs, let me know and I can seek my health plan's coach to guide you as well :-)

I have been a pretty good girl ... ahem ... since last Friday. It was tough the first day cos I never never drank so much water in a single day. But it got easier. Yesterday I managed to finish 1.5 litres in just 2 hours. Good eh? I dont know why but I just drank & drank cos I felt like it.

I promise to do this everyday if possible and make this part of my lifestyle. So why dont you too do something positive for your body today?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Not too bad, actually ..

I had an okay kinda weekend. Nothing spectacular and not overly boring.

My main worry was my health plan. I was not too confident of keeping to my plan over the weekend. But hey! I survived! In fact, it was quite ok. Especially on Saturday! I'm glad I stuck to it :-)

But Sunday was a disaster! I forgot to bring home my diet food and there were no substitutues. Gosh! Plan failed! Naughty naughty me. So I enjoyed my morning white coffee & two slices of bread with kaya. Lunch was fish head noodles ... but compensated for the disaster by not finishing the whole bowl.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes, its time!

Yes, its time to do something for myself. And I have decided. I will start today.
I am determined to at least do this for one month. See if it works. According to the program, I will need to stick to this routine for at least 5 mths to achieve the targeted level of fitness.

I have no choice, really. I HAVE to do something to maintain my health ... its really going down the drain and its scary!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shall I give it a try?

There are all kinds of supplements in the market these days. I, for one, is not a believer of any kind of supplements ... cos i just dont like to swallow them. Even if they taste good.

Hubby suggested I should seriously consider doing something about my current physical condition. I mean take some supplements or take something healthy to help me and keep me going strong. Ya, I know but what?

Hubby told me about his colleague who has got severe medical conditions like asthma and high cholestrol. She has been "sick" for quite a number of years until she started taking this particular supplement. I can't recall exactly but I think she has been on it for 6 mths or so now. Guess what? She feels fantastic! She's healthy and good and she even stopped her medication! Wow ... really? Hmm ... I feel a bit suspicious now. What is it? Another MLM product? Well ... but I still need to do something for myself. Right now!

The Beginning ...

I really need to find a good reason to start this blog .. I mean why start one when you dont have something solid to share right?

Well, yeah, life is good. I love my hubby. He's a great guy. We both love our little one like crazy. Yeah he can be quite a handful but we still love him dearly. He means the world to us, really.

So what the problem you ask. I really dont know actually. You see, life changed 180 degrees for me when our little one came along. We planned for everything prior to him arriving but it kinda takes a toll on me.

I am fine actually. Emotionally. I dont really feel terrible but sometimes I feel the stress physically. I feel tired. Exhausted. No energy even to walk in the mall sometimes. 30 mins in Mid Valley Megamall is enough to send me home with a pair of aching feet for 2 days! Seriously! And the hair losses, excessive weight gain, aching back, body aches all over ... I just feel different physically. I feel old.