Monday, September 20, 2010

Extended Preschool Hours in 2011

We just got notice from Bryan's kindy that according to the Ministry of Education's new regulations, preschool hours have to be extended by one hour with effect from 2011. Is it the same at your kid's preschool?

Bryan goes to a Montessori kindy and they have 2 sessions a day. I can't recall what time the morning session starts but the second session starts at 11.45am till 2.45pm (so thats 3 hrs). With the new regulation extended to 4 hours, his session for 2011 will start at 12.15pm till 4.15pm!

Actually we are quite excited about this and it kinda fits our requirement better ... hehehe. You know why? Cos right now, our prince wakes up late and of course, to start with, he sleeps late lah. And he does need his afternoon nap. The moment he steps home, he gets changed and will ask for milk. Right after milk, he will automatically doze off in the sofa. So nap time is around 3.30pm till 5.30pm. With the nap in between, nights are torturous for us! We will all be trying to go to bed by 11pm (that's already considered late for me!) and he will still be very hyper with his badminton & tennis racquests asking for game after game!!! Aiyoh!

So with the new timing, our plan is to allow him to wake up late (he can sleep till 10.30am) and then prepare for school. If school finishes at 4.15pm, we reckon he'll reach home around 4.45pm and after a shower and a glass of milk, its time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Channel 613 - hurray!!!! So that means, he wont have a chance to take a nap! And with that, we are hoping that his battery would run out no later than 10pm and then its PEACE for all of us ... woaah! Cant wait to embrace 2011!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya .. woohoo!!

Selamat Hari Raya guys!!! Hope you all have a joyous celebration with your family & friends back home. Most importantly, don't rush and drive safely to your destination. Its better to be late than to never reach home.

For the rest, wishing you a happy long weekend, relax and enjoy the traffic-free streets of Kuala Lumpur *wink*.

For me, I wil be staying back in town, try to bake mom a cake as its her birthday this weekend. Take her out for a hair-perm followed by dinner.

Take care all and see you again after Raya ok???