Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cake for MIL

It was my MIL's birthday last Saturday and luckily I called my SIL to ask if they have ordered a cake or was she expecting me to bake one. My SIL said "of course we expect you to bake lar" ... so there I went, at 9pm on a Friday evening, baking a cake (1.5 hrs), waiting it to be cool down (2 hrs) and another 2 hrs preparing the icing and trying to ice the cake! Didnt manage to finish it the same night so woke up at 6am the next day to finish icing it.

I am definately not a pro in baking & cake decorating. Only a total beginner and learning from internet off & on. I try my very best to do the best I can and honestly, my cake does not taste super good but its not too bad either!

We had a 10 course dinner (thanks to elder BIL's expensive taste that cost all of us quite a bomb!) and tummy was filled to the rim! So we requested for a tiny tiny piece of the cake each towards end of the dinner. I personally thought it was a wee bit dry (would have been better if it was slighly moist) but it was really not too bad. It was quite ok. As usual, icings are all sweet and I purposely layed a very thin layer on the entire cake. If you are into cake decorating, you will understand how tedious and difficult it is to lay a thin layer of icing!!! The thicker they are, the easier to lay and faster to lay it as well. We probably only ate 10% of the cake at most! Rest MIL & SIL took it home.

So Sunday, we would usually go back to MIL's house for dinner. As we were early, I looked in the cupboard & fridge and did not see any cake wor. Asked hubby to ask where was the cake cos I thought I would like to try a decent piece and see how it taste mah. Then she said, she has given away the cake! Distributed to friends wor! Which is totally strange cos my MIL is one person that would keep things in her fridge ETERNALLY! And at the same time I noticed there were 2 pcs of cake that she must have bought from the market that morning! Nevermind. Then hubby asked her, why you distribute the cake away and then you buy cake again from the market?? I didnt even bother to stay there to hear her answer. I felt like so bodoh. Already never tell me that I am suppose to bake until I ask, then late night start baking and icing and early morning wake up to finish it. Then now easily give it away.

There was a strange feeling inside me. I kept wondering ... if its really too sweet or even too big a cake, why didnt you ask if we wanted some to take home? I was trying to think of all possibly excuses why she gave the whole cake away like (1) too high cholestrol, not good for her mah (2) too sweet also not good cos she is diabetic (3) she cant finish the whole cake(?) - but then why buy 2 pics from market hor? Nevermind.

At the end of the day, I do my part. But if you wish to throw it into the drain also I dont care.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks Facebook!

That I managed to find so many long lost friends. Its really a gem to rekindle both primary and secondary school mates after 20 odd years!

Had a tea party at my place last Sunday with some of them and it was really really nice to meet all of them again. After all these years, there are still so many things that are similar (even looks, my god!) and so many funny stories to share about what we used to do in school,etc.

December would be another busy time as I have at least 3 other friends returning from abroad. Cant wait for that to happen.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Life is hitting a cross road .. cos I can't decide. Usually I am one who knows exactly what I want. But now, I cant decide. I cant decide if I want a Coach handbag, Burberry long purse or a Mulberry bag!

Should I thank Paul the Octopus??? No lah! You think I so "keng" meh. In fact, I hardly watched a single match in full.

As life hits a certain number, strange things can indeed happen! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hubby blames it on menopause!!!! And I'm totally fine with it ... hehehee.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bryan's 1st Report Card

Due to laziness, I have not been updating my blog. There you go .. my confession .. hahaha. But having to experience our first ever parent-teacher's meet and having to experience receiving our son's 1st ever report card was a bit nerve-recking I shall say!

Nothing shocking but we were surpised to find out from the teacher that Bryan is a very polite boy (really?? he screams all the time at home if he wants something and loves to hit & bite his mom and poh-poh .. and that's polite??) and he actually sits down for his meals (huh, are you sure??)

But then again, yes, I have to admit that he is kinda polite when it comes to strangers. Yeah, he loves to greet anyone on the street or if there is someone in the lift when we enter. He would say "Hello Uncle!" or "Hello Aunty" to anyone in the mall or even "Hello Kakak" when he sees the maid next door! But when it comes to us at home, sorry lah. I think he knows very well that he can bully us in some ways.

I always thought that I will be a mom that will not expect or force my son to excel academically. I thought that B's are good enough and although A's would be good, its not really necessary, as long as you have tried your best. So seeing Bryan's so-called "REPORT CARD", I felt a bit different than I thought I would feel.

Bryan got a B for fine motor skills! I mean, fine motor skills wor! How can that be!!! Since he was months old, he would want to do everything himself. He would want to touch everything. He would want to taste everything. He would want to walk everywhere! As he learnt to speak, he would say "Bryan hold" or "Bryan touch" or "Bryan eat" or "Bryan try". Even till today, he still loves to say "Bryan try" everytime he wants to do the things we (the adults) are doing!! So how can he still get a B for fine motor skills??? To me, he has got excellent fine motor skills! Aiyoh!
Ok .. ok .. I better cool down. After all its only first year at kindy. And I have to remind myself that I am not supposed to feel or behave negatively if he gets a B - remember!!! Ok, ok, cool down liao.
He also got a B for emotional development initiative. Its ok then. Its good. Cos then there is room for improvement. Right?