Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Really cool contemporary lights

If you do have a contemporary look for your home and are looking out for some really cool looking lightings, you should visit Tsen Gallery @ Kota Damansara. I got to know about them by chance.

After visiting Homedec after Homedec, I just didnt see anything that I liked at regular exhibitors like Alfo & GDO. Or they were a bit over my budget. And since it was best we have all the lightings in place while the electrical contractors were still working on our new home, I decided to give one more try to look for another lighting shop. Googled and ended up with Tsen.

I choose a round chandelier light for our living room. It was affordable but of course, they were made from China crystals lah. But I must say, quality and design wise, China is coming with a bang! For a moment, I thought they were from Egypt or even Europe! Im sorry I dont have a good pics of it cos I dont own a DSLR mah ... see.

Glad to have made a purchase. One down and a few other stuff more to buy and that's it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taking it a notch higher!

The past weekend was the worst! I feel really exhausted having to keep up with my terrible-two! He ah .... aiyoh, I dont know how to describe. Dont understand where they get all their energy from. And not only the energy I am amazed at - its their creativity too! Climb here and there, take this and that, run up & down, sleep on the grounds of the car porch, every single thing on the desk - once in his hand, sure will be broken in the next 5 seconds, makan also jumping around like a monkey, mandi time wanna sleep on the bathroom floor - only then can let me scrub him!

Mom said to be patient and maybe about 3 or 4 yrs old, he will be all well & good. Oh mom! I know you are right but its just too much now. Too tiring.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fungates - the right choice?

Last Saturday, 2 Fungates operators hosted "Open Day" at their centre. We took Bryan there for a visit and to see if he liked the environment there.

When we first arrived at Centre A, he saw quite a few people and immediately turned to me and asked me to carry him. But the moment I told and showed him the room which was filled with lots and lots of colorful books, arts & crafts, learning apparatus, etc, he forgot about us. He was in his own world. Running up and down the entire class, fascinated by so many things that he gets to touch and mess up! He kinda got excited that even the washing area was so low (child's height) that he could easily turn the tap on & off as he pleased! *pengsan*.

Hubby checked on the rates and other information while I monitored my dear boy. I cannot leave him out of our sight cos the whole centre would have *terbalik* if I turn my back for 5 seconds!

Not very impressed by the look, quality of the english spoken by the centre staff and the location of the centre (it was inside an intermediate shoplot with no playground or space to run about) - but 5 mins from our new home, we headed to Centre B.

Centre B was a total opposite. It was housed in a HUGE bungalow and had good English speaking staff and teachers. They also conversed in Mandarin but it will only be taught in Year 4. The only drawback for us is the distance from our new place.

Again, Bryan was all over the place. The teachers here knew better how to interact with the kids ( managed to get his attention on one particular activity which he followed accordingly but we could see clearly that he was the "tai kor" amongs the others *double pengsan* trying to dominate - almost snatch the apparatus from the teacher!)

Both the centres told us that they would start with teaching the kids basics (of course lar, what else right) like recognizing ABCs and 1-10 ... but Bryan already kn0ws all that. On good mood days, he can count till 30! Both in English & Mandarin!

He can spell all the words he sees on the billboards on our way home each night! He reads out all the alphabets he seens in the newspapers or those that are printed on my T-shirt! I am getting worried that he will be bored in a Year 3 class .. but we still will have to start him there.

I wish to check out Montessori next but there is none near my place. It has to be a bus journey of about 30 mins at least each way! So, what shall I do? Compromise on education system or compromise on this travel time? I think he is too young to travel so far everyday.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Safety Gate for Bryan

We hoped over to Babyland @ SS2 to check out some safety gates. Lindam's was going at RM50 off, so it only cost RM149.90 for a basic unit instead of the usual RM199.90. We had to add on an extension to make it up to 110cm in width cos my staircase is pretty wide.

If I really want to be extra safe, I need 4 sets of these cos I have stairs that are going both upstairs and downstairs.

We have also decided to add clear polycarbonate sheets to my staircase railings, so that my "hero" wont have any opportunity to put his foot on those railings and try to be super or spideyman!

He is in the "jumping" phase now. Jump from bed to the floor, jump from one chair to another, jump from first staircase to the next and all the way down to the last staircase. Jump even when walking. Meaning he does not walk step by step. He jumps step by step. *pening*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Electrical items making its way!

Woooo! My contractor has finally asked me to stand by all the electrical items for them to install. Meaning, things are finally rocking! So, with a happy heart, I shall call my favourite electrical outlet and inform my favourite salesman that he can start preparing my favourite items that I reserved many moons ago, and to arrange for immediate delivery :-

Gosh! Cant wait for the time to come where I can call my sofa supplier, my dining table supplier .. woooh! But this can only be done in another 3 weeks I guess.

We met till late last night, to discuss on final details of the carpentry, electrical, lighting and painting works. What I worry most is the color of my walls. I am not sure what to choose! The color selected looks great in the color chart but in actual, I am afraid it may differ. Differ up to what extend also hard to say :-(

Today I shall expect my rubble wall to be fully installed. We decided to cover up my open indoor courtyard with polycarbonate roofing, so sunlight can still come in and brighten our home but no rain ... yeah! Then we selected some natural stones to dress up the wall. We will add some spot lights on it. Hope it looks cool!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Laundry Sink

Decided to get a laundry sink for my washing area. This will make life easier. Dont need to squat down and scrub my undies! And if needed, can just soak whatever that needs to be soaked in the basin area. At the bottom are cabinets to store my detergent, clorox, etc.
Cool eh.