Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it Christmas time?

The moment month of December comes, we can instantly feel Christmassy! The lights have been up already along Ikea/Curve (now only Nov wor ...) when we visited last week. Its a nice feeling towards the year-end .. especially bonus time ... hehehe.

I have all along been planning for a tree for our new home. I intend to purchase a tree and light it up in the month of December. And its for Bryan's sake. He loves it when we visit shopping malls (the past 2 yrs) checking out all the extensive decorations while we mall-hop!
So this year, we will have one in our home sweet home. Complete with a Christmas dinner (fingers crossed!). And visits from my long-time buddies from Penang & Singapore would make it so fun! Miss them so much. Been ages since we sat down to chat. So looking forward for Christmas this year.
So Petaling Street will be my next destination - once I settle in this Nov. Heard you can find some good & very reasonably priced trees there. But tipu one lah, not the "real" tree. Here I come!


Mummy to QiQi said...

geee...we were at there but too tired to notice any lights up.

vickylow said...

Still has 1 month more to go. I guess Christmas is shopping time for me.

Wonderful Life said...

Time really flies super fast! Couldn't believe we're about to reach towards the end of year 2009...

It's nice to have a xmas tree at home. Too bad I do not the space for the tree otherwise, I would set up one for my boy too... he got excited every time he sees the decorated beautifully xmas tree!

LittleLamb said...

hope u manage to buy ur tree..

Ann said...

OOOOHHHH....you have to let me know if you managed to get one!!!

I saw in 1U a 6ft tree for 200RM !!!

Please...email me if you really find something cheaper!!!