Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Steamed Egg Cake Ever!

I think I have finally found a really good, easy and simple recipe that yields the same quality as those selling in the shops/market! And it uses such basic ingredients!

Let's say that with this recipe, I am confident of getting good results 100% of the time.


  • 4 large eggs (abt 60gm each, weight with shell)
  • 180 gm castor sugar
  • 230 gm self raising flour
  • 80 ml 100 Plus


  • Grease a 8" round pan and prepare steaming tray.
  • Whip eggs till light and frothy, abt 10 mins with hand mixer.
  • Then gradually add sugar in say 3 batches, whip well each time.
  • Slowly fold in flour in 3 batches, careful not to deflate the beaten eggs.
  • Add in 100Plus and mix well.
  • Pour into pan.
  • In order to get an "x" on top, sprinkle sugar over the ready batter in "x" shaped line.
  • Place pan in steamear when water is rapidly boiling.
  • Shd be ready in abt 35 minutes but check for doneness before removing from steamer.

I have since made this 3 times for breakfast and each and every time, we enjoyed it thorougly especially the lil fart!!!! Its light and spongy and not overly sweet .. really good for whole day snacking too! Best of all, I dont need to crank up the oven in this ridiculously hot weather!


Josephine said...

Chor Yat and Sap MM hor, if i wake up late, then hard to buy fatt goh in pa sat liow.

I think can prepare this...

LittleLamb said...

i must try...cos its my fav cake...

Lemonjude said...

Cake with 100 plus? how it taste?

Btw, an award for you. Pls collect it here.

Joanna Tang said...

Wow! its a simple recipe ya.. will try it.

coffeesncookies said...

oh. i must try this. still have lots of 100 plus from cny.

BabyBooned said...

oh yay! i'm going to try this recipe out tomorrow!

agnes said...

OMG... been looking for the BEST and hope this one really works.. FOR ME lah.. hahahhaaa...

I've stopped trying since the last failure.. some more not really into the mood yet.. :)

Hehehee.. thanks so much for sharing this!!! muaks muaks