Monday, September 8, 2008

Ikea - value for money?

Been doing a lot of research for our new home. From interior design to furnitures to kitchen cabinets, contractors, etc. Its really a lot of work to really know what you want and whats available in the market and what you can really afford!

Naturally I started looking at Ikea as it is a one-stop centre for everything you would need in your home. Been there many times and I do love just walking through the store, browsing its very clever and innovative ideas and product designs. However, I do wonder if they really fit into our Asian lifestyle. At least not all of its products I guess.

Some people swear by Ikea for its low cost of goods and high quality. I am not too sure if its really cheap though. Personally, not all items are cheap. Just like any other businesses, there are always loss-leaders to attract people to get there and then end up shopping for other items which are priced higher.

My reason for liking Ikea is for its completeness in product range as well as its little simple gadgets that make life easier in your home or kitchen. I sure am looking forward to its year-end sale in December so that I can stock up what's really a good deal for my new home next year! Yippie!!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

i love ikea's knicks-knacks. However, i don't think their stuff is cheap though. my sis bought a bed and a chest of drawer from them but they turned wobbly after a year. i have a chest drawer from ikea which i bought when i was in toronto and shipped it back when i returned to msia. still using it after 10 years :D

little prince's mummy said...

Good quality? I don't think so... depends on items..

Agnes Chan said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.. u have a very cute son!!!

I'm another fan of IKEA but for selected items... consumer must be smart nowadays by not tricked by the deceiving information ard... ;)

I don't think their kitchen & bed stuff is good/durable but do like their chest of drawer frm MALM series.. kinda firm and contemporary... bookcase seems ok too as well as some cabinets...

Always believe that cheap means low quality and therefore I hardly go for REAL cheap stuff unless it's for temp. :P

Just my 2 cents lah.. and guess what? we spent a lot in IKEA when moving house early this year esp on household accessories.. ;) coz the design is simple and nice ma as compare to the conventional one.. :P