Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our current ritual

6.30am Wake up
7.00am Out of the house
7.45am Reach mom's place, drop off Bryan
8.00am Reach office, hubs drops me off
8.30am Hubs reaches office
6.30pm Hubs leaves office to pick me up
7.15pm On our way to mom's place
7.45pm Rest at mom's for an hour or so.
8.45pm Leave for new house
9.15pm See what the contractor has done for the day
10.00pm Head for home
10.30pm Shower and have light dinner while SIL entertains Bryan
11.30pm Prepare for bed - yes Bryan sleeps that late!
12.00pm Too tired - sometimes cant fall asleep straight away :-(
3.00am Bryan wakes up, pulls my hand, asks for milk
4.00am Nyek nyek nyek, dunno why
6.30am Read line one

The late beginning

It has been quite an eventful few weeks for me. I am practically brain-dead, not because of the renovations at home but its the path that I took in my professional life. No doubt, money is better but that spells higher stress as well. I had the confidence of handling it, just that it needs time for the dust to settle. Not that I regret, but I do hope its the initial phase of it and hopefully it will gradually get better over time.

I have totally lost focus on my home renovation. Well, yes I know whats still going on but I dont have the energy to "refine" my decisions. I do hope that they will look ok with some of the changes on color and design that we decided. Fingers crossed!

Dunno why Blogger is so slow today. Wanna upload some pics of the initial reno stages also takes ages. So I owe you guys first ya.

Aah .. did I tell you I bought those colorful wall decals for Bryan room? Thanks to Sasha, I got an online contact, and so happen, she stays in the neighbouring taman, so she kindly dropped it off at my home - save postages .. hehehe. Am planning to put them up next weekend cos Bryan's new room is now used as my temp storage space for my fans & lightings!

Any of you done these wall decals before? Any tips on application?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did it really cross the road?

Our dear friend finding its way I guess :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Son's excitement = Daddie's worries

Son : Wah, so exciting this place! Got big big bizard ... so nice!

Dad : Aiyoh .. got big big lizard man here ... must hold this fella tight tight!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Langkawi Moments

Lots of hesitations before we decided to finally go ahead with this trip. Mostly, our worry about A(H1N1). But we took precautions and prayed for the best.

Sharing with you some pics below.

First things first, upon check-in, little boss check out his bed .. accompanied by his ever-faithful portable DVD player. This one sure cannot miss one. Every where we go, must bring it along, else all of us sure pengsan!

After that, sure must be pool-time! Eh, sorry ar, little boss still scared of the big big ocean, so no go near there. Just the baby-pool saja.

Then its time to head to town. The only place that is worth visiting is the Oriental Village which houses the cable-car station. Its totally worth every single cent that you pay! The ride is so cool and the view even better! But, be prepared for some physical exercise ... cos you need to walk down from the station to the viewing deck (which is the easy part), then walk back up to the station (which will get you breathing heavy!!)

We did very little shopping. But we bought lots of chocolates! And a few bottles of wine for my mom's upcoming 60th birthday dinner.

It was a very simple, kinda relaxing and smooth holiday. Of course, my mom, hubby and myself were very tired having to carry his royal highness everywhere cos he refuse to walk, but then, he behaved quite well during the trip. So we are quite happy it turned out good.

I even had a surprise birthday cake presented to my by the hotel! And for the first time, my son could sing "Happy birthday to Mommie" ... it melted my heart . Hehehe.

I am also happy that I have the chance to finally bring my mom for a short holiday. We have been planning a trip since my boy turned 1, but unfortunately, we just could not make it. He was such a handful when he was younger (he still is!) and I felt stressed having to handle a kid who does not sit or walk (just jumps & runs). At least now, he can walk (if he wants to!) and can eat anything we adults eat. He also understands so much more and can communicate esp when he wants shi shi or pot pot. So that makes travelling a whole lots easier.

I just want to thank my MOM for sacrificing not only her golden years, but also her health, to ever willing to help me take care of my son. He is no easy toddler. And it has taken so much out of her to take care of him 12 hrs a day while we are both at work. And now with the house renovation, she has even helped me take care of him every Saturday. I really cant thank her enough other than being a filial daughter to her. I love you mom.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

His first visit to ....

...tit tar!

One morning, Mom realised that he was limping a bit and refused to walk. And cried everytime he had to walk. We thot it was normal lah, cos seriously, thesedays, he only wants to be carried everywhere - even in the house!

Later in the day, after his afternoon nap, he was happily walking - but with a slight limp. We reached home after work and immediately spotted his limp when he came over to the door to greet us. I immediately decided to take him to a "tit-tar" to check it out.

Sure enough, he sprained his ankle a little - must be all the jumping about he does every single day. Like I said before, my dear son never walks or sits. He only runs or jumps :-)

He did cry a bit. Sure pain one mah right? But after they "pau" his ankle area, he was jumping about again ... seriously! Boys will be boys I guess.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Aiyoh! I cant believe I did not update my blog for so long! Im sooooo sorry! You know, it has been crazily unbelievably busy at my new place. Spending 10 hours a day is normal! But then again, to comfort myself, I believe its just the settling in phase. So many issues with regards to new staff, new furniture, new this and new that.

But still .. I found time to go to The Andaman! Yeah!!!!!!

Will update some pics next week when I sneak some time off my schedule okay? Promise!