Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Visiting Ikano

Our Sundays are usually spent lazing at home. Its the time to do laundry, clean the kitchen and hubs would usually be washing both cars and touching up on paint here & there. Also because we are too tired run after our hyper-fella all over, so we (actually me) prefer to just sit put at home.

However, last Sunday, we decided to drive to Ikano for a visit to Macy cos they were having a sale. Its time to get a 2nd set of curtains for the house. Those that I installed since we moved in last Nov are still hanging up there without a single wash .... Disappointed to note that mostly are only 20% discount. No not worth rushing over I guess. Didn't decide on any cos the sale will continue till Sept, the salesperson said. So ok lar, no rush. Moreover, have to come back and double confirm the measurements.

As usual, Bryan was all over the place. There were quite a number of play-stations (like pics above) at some of the corners, so that kept him busy for a while, hopping from one to another. We took him up to the pet corner .. but what a pity, the cats were not out yet. Bryan loves cats. He does not really fancy dogs or anything else .. but cats .. even if he sees them at the street corner or anywhere, he would want to run to it and touch it. Dogs - only if the dog is small in size. The bigger ones, he does not like. Smart also lar . nanti kena hentam by the big dog how .. hahahaha.

It was a short visit, lasted only 2 hrs door-to-door. And on the way back, Bryan fell asleep in the car. Continued sleeping when we reached home. And we had 2 hrs of bliss. I napped as well. The end :-)