Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Steamed Egg White Cake

This year, the orders for my pineapple tarts was massive!   Thank god for the help I got from Mom, hubby and also niece.  And since we had a few public holidays just before the CNY, it really helped us gather momentum and finish up the orders in time, phew!

As you  may know, pineapple tarts only use egg yolks and that left me with many huge batches of egg whites so much so that I threw away most of it!   No space in the fridge!  Even the freezer is full (of butter!!).  So I just saved a small batch which I thought I would be hard-working enough to whip up some biscotti for sendiri makan but ... but .. but .. once I completed all the cookie orders, I just dont feel like baking anymore.

Saved it till after CNY and finally, I decided to whip up something easy and nice for breakfast.  This is my colorful steamed egg white cake that I wish to share with all my readers.   Do also read the notes I have written after the recipe.  

Steamed Egg White Cake
500 ml egg white
220 gm castor sugar
1 tbsp ovalette
1/2 tsp salt
100 ml full cream/fresh milk
50 gm melted butter/oil
280 gm self raising flour (sifted)
essence & food coloring

  • Heat steamer at medium high heat.
  • Mix egg whites, sugar, ovalette and salt till medium-stiff peak
  • Sift in flour and add into egg white mixture.  Mix it lightly till well combined
  • Mix milk and butter together
  • Add the milk butter mixture into the egg white mixture
  • Mix lightly till well combined again
  • Divide into 4 parts and add essence & a little bit of coloring on each part
  • To prepare baking pan, place baking paper on bottom of pan.  Oil/Butter the sides and coat with flour (for easy removal of cake when its done).
  • Pour in first layer, level the batter and steam for 7 minutes.
  • Repeat till all 4 layers are done.
Notes :-
  1. I separated my batter into 4 but you can do more or less layers. Just even the amounts out so that you have even layers when baked.   if you are a perfectionist, you can weight the batter into each bowl.  I just eye-balled mine.
  2. I used 4 different essence/flavours (mocha, lemon, orange & pandan) but I dont feel it went well all-together. Prefer to use a single plain vanilla for all 4 layers the next time I bake this.
  3. When mixing in the colors, keep it light cos they turn darker/stronger after baking.
  4. Make sure fire is not on high cos we dont want the water to be in a rolling boil.  Just hot enough to have an even bake.  I used medium fire on my stove throughout the steaming process.  
  5. Had it for breakfast & evening tea the next day and it still stays soft & moist.
Hope you will give this easy recipe a try :)