Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our current ritual

6.30am Wake up
7.00am Out of the house
7.45am Reach mom's place, drop off Bryan
8.00am Reach office, hubs drops me off
8.30am Hubs reaches office
6.30pm Hubs leaves office to pick me up
7.15pm On our way to mom's place
7.45pm Rest at mom's for an hour or so.
8.45pm Leave for new house
9.15pm See what the contractor has done for the day
10.00pm Head for home
10.30pm Shower and have light dinner while SIL entertains Bryan
11.30pm Prepare for bed - yes Bryan sleeps that late!
12.00pm Too tired - sometimes cant fall asleep straight away :-(
3.00am Bryan wakes up, pulls my hand, asks for milk
4.00am Nyek nyek nyek, dunno why
6.30am Read line one


mommy to chumsy said...

waaaahhh...tiring eh? next year..i will have to follow a schedule like yours :(

vickylow said...

Tiring day huh, when you new house finished renovate?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Looks pretty hectic to me, esp towards the night... reading it already makes me tired haha!

Joanna Tang said...

Me too!!! routine.. Looking forward to school holiday.. then, I dun have to wake up so damn early..