Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HomeDec 08 - Results

Visited HomeDec 08 last Saturday and then headed for mom's place to make some konnyaku jelly. Yeah, did not cry .. hahaha... tell you why.

My main "target" was to get some good deals for my hoob, hob & oven combi for my new home. But before even going to this exhibition, I made several visits to some stores to find out more about the current prices and their latest store promotions. So at least, when I am at the exhibition, I know if they are indeed offering a real good deal.

And guess what! From the so-called "special exhibition prices" offered, I realised that I can easily get better deals on an ordinary day from a few of the electrical outlets in town. So hey! Who are you kidding with all your "special exhibition prices" huh???? I was indeed glad that I did some "homework" instead of rushing blindly to this exhibition.

What we did purchase on that day was a water filteration system. We bought the Kinetico system that has an auto back-wash (that means we dont have to do anything, it automatically does the back-wash when the system detects clogging). Moreover, this is a US made product and comes with a 10 year warranty! We only had to place a 30% deposit and only upon installation, we pay up the balance. So, one down, many more decisions to make *headache*.

Our other objective was to get some interior designer contacts. Wow .. these so called designers do make good money! Hardly one or two is willing to give a free advise for broad interior design consultancy. The rest straight way wanted to charge RM1,000 fee or even more! Sigh. So what we did was, we gave them a copy of our home's layout plan (which I prepared several sets in advance .. hehehe) and asked them if they are willing to provide free initial consultancy on interior design as we are not willing to fork out RM1,000 for something we have totally no idea! So if they can come up with something which we feel is the "look & feel" of what we like, then we will proceed further. Smart eh ... well, times are bad, so have to make sure we dont spend wastefully .. and times are bad, sure they need to attract customers too ... best of both worlds!

So hopefully, a week or two after the exhibition, those designers will have some time to work on my floor layout plan and call us in for a free preview!


vickylow said...

Wah charging such high consultation fee ar? Hope you can see some FOC design after this.

My Lovely 'A' said...

wow..going around looking for designers? That sound so interesting. We will hv our round too when we hv the 'keys' for our new house. Now..I'm watching out for the interior designs layout too.

agnes said...

wow.. u smart wor.. good to do some homework before hand.. yea, i did realize that those 'deal' is not that good after all!!! but some items are really cheap lah.. depends loh..;)

anyway, a tag for u!! ;)

Rina said...

haha - how are you? i saw your hubby's photo. Still gyming but not with CW - joined celebrity in bangsar-more convenient

sting said...

oh.. I like the auto back-wash idea... nowadays I always forgot when I last back-washed!

and that was a smart move on the interior design consultancy... I agree, doesn't make sense to pay 1k for something we dunno we like or not... maybe they are afraid we will use their design and then get our own renovators..

Jun said...

I always thought that design fee would be waived if you purchase their goods or services?

Anyway .. I hope you can get going soon. I love pretty kitchen.

2L2M.... said...

they are kidding with those lazy to shop around, lazy to do homework, got lots spare cash and want qucik fix lorr....not like you lorr....hehehee.

Be your own ID....dun need to pay them....I am sure you can anytime do better, have better idea than them....they are not the worm in your stomach!! you still know what you want best...:)

Kok said...

You're smart and wise to ask before proceed further. Consultants are always like that. They wanna earn just before they do anything further.

tata said...

Hi, I know it's been many years, but I want to know how's the Kinetico water filter? Thinking of getting one but not many review on it in Malaysia.

Family First said...

The Kinetico works great! Backwashes every 4th week I think (depends on volume of use and also only when I hear it backwash) ... hahaha. So far no problems at all. Still love it. But time to check if there is a need to change filter . have to ask hubby.

tata said...

Thanks for the info. Good to know there's satisfied customers.
I think your Kinetico should come with 10 years warranty on the filter media as well. Most likely no change is needed but should you have to change it, just check that warranty is still valid.