Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Planning a vacation

Its been really a long time since we went on a real holiday trip. Its like since I was preggie - and that is like almost 2.5 years ago! Gosh!

Since hubby has got some annual leave to clear this December, maybe I should suggest to him that we seriously consider a real good vacation. But I think i will start my planning first as usual cos hubby usually leave everything to me as far as planning for a vacation is concerned.

There are many sites that i love browsing through for real good vacation rentals, especially when you wish to scout for some good bargains for a florida vacation rentals and orlando vacation rentals! It has pretty much all the information you need about holidaying in any part of the US including services about car rentals, airline travels and even up-to-date information about weather and skiing conditions. And that's cool, so that should we decide to go, I can easily access all these information and be well prepared when packing, especially for lil one cos he has never travelled during winter time.

One other great service that this site provides is you can even list your own vacation home out for rental and get enquiries directly from people who are keen. So this eliminates the need for paying a commission to agents, etc. Isn't that great? Times are not looking good so this could be one option to consider for more savings.

Now let's see if hubby is game for a winter vacation ...!

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