Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fisher Price - very pricy!

Any mommies out there willing to fork out RM500 for these 2 items? Definately not me! But these indeed belong to my little one - and I did not buy them!

Well, actually I did buy them for him, but not with my own money. They were gifts I helped choose for my little one during his fullmoon celebration as well as for his 1st birthday.

The first pics up here, for its price, kinda ok also lah. It lasted from his fullmoon till now and he still plays with it once in a purple moon. This can be converted to several different stages of play according this is age (months). And this is the last stage. After he gets bored with rocking, we will have to pack it aside or give it away.

But the 2nd one was just a little fun piano. Once in another purple moon, he will strike a few keys and then that's it - no more playing with it.

Why does toys these days priced so ridiculously expensive?????

When I was a young little girl, my parents did not have to spend any money buying me any toys. They just used nature and free stuff found around the house or compound. I remember playing with my slippers, sending it flipping into a deck of cards. I remember playing with a "ball" my mom made from frangipani flowers! I remember playing & jumping on the ground with squares drawn on sand. And I remember playing with just 5 stones! We even made our own kites from newspapers! Those were the good old days.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...definitely very expensive but fisher price have many good products for children. it's can still keep it for your next child :D

LittleLamb said...

very lucky kid to have all the epxnesive toys.

kiasumum said...

yes... really pricy for fisher price toys and i will buy them only when there is warehouse sales other than that NO NO

SueSue said...

I definately wont buy but I have tonnes of Fisher Price toys at home. All get it during their warehouse sales. Now was thinking to sell off as second hand.