Monday, September 15, 2008

The Health Plan

To be fair to my readers, let me share with you my health plan for the next few months.

First of all is a calorie count. Any saint person will know that if input is more than output, sure fat lor, right? So, for me, I have to cut down on my daily calorie intake WITHOUT compromising on my health in terms of the right vitamins, minerals, and what nots.

Secondly, is enough water to nourish the body internally. After all, our bodies are mainly made up of water, so its only natural that we have enough of it inside us to allow our body to function optimally.

Thirdly, of course the word is exercise! I would love to go back to my good old days filled with extreme motivation to spend hours in the gym and on the yoga mat. But hey, I really have had enough of that lah. I dont know why but I just hate the sight of the gym and the sweaty humid yoga rooms! Moreover, only gays go to the gym these days!

Honestly, this exercise part a bit "susah" for me with my little boy around. He clings on to me like a leech when my mom is not around and once he does that, I cannot go anywhere. Well ... hmm... maybe chasing after him in a mall would do the trick as well huh ...hehehe.

So what do you think ... boleh maintain kah this plan?


Josephine said...

If you think you can, you can.

Good luck!

Dhanggit said...

this reminds me well of my two sisters when we were teenagers and they wanted to lose weight LOL..exercise and calorie count thing..good thing those days were over..well they are still healty as ever LOL it didnt work for them for they lacked in discipline hehehe

Babysmooches said...

I wish I can to, but I'm a food lover, and I've been getting really lazy in exercising cos cleaning the house is already a chore for me on weekends.
Jia you! jia you!


Dear Dhanggit .. I think I fall into the same category as your sis - haa!

Its really tough man, when you have a whole list of food blogs to visit everyday!