Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Rascal's First Books

My little one loves books - which is a blessing.

He loves to flip through them while mumbling some baby words. He never has the patience for me to finish reading the page to him (cos he is the energizer-battery-hyper-active-type remember?) so he goes ahead to flip & flip to his whims and fancy.

He does not have a favourite yet but anything colourful and familiar like dogs, cats, butterfly, star, etc will be able to attract his attention.

We tried reading to him every night before bedtime but the more we read, the more awake he becomes! So, sorry Bryan Boy, we will have to stop reading to you at night.

Any mommies or daddies out there willing to share what kind of books you read to your little toddler?


My Lil' Monster said...

Hi Yie... My Boy also read these books that u bought. The Flip Flap book (few mths back he torn two pages of it - juz managed to glue it back 2day). Just a few days back I rweintroduce thsi book to him and I can sense he is interested to this book without tearing it. So, I guess he knows he not suppose to tear it.

So my advise is dun intro the flip flap to early is he is not ready. Or else ended up like mine.

Told Hubby I gonna buy a few more Peek A Boo Book since he loves it.

I think the bought that you bought are gd enuf. Just buy the varieties of the same types of book.


Well yes, he loves the peek-a-boo book more than the rest and yes, he recently found out about the flop pages and has ince "operated" on them! Haa! Haa!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh the books are so colourful.

Lian said...

Baby loves his peek-a-boo and flap books. Of course, to my dismay he has torn some of them off. I guess all the tape to repair it is testimony of his love for the books. Hahaha. Currently he is into a picture dictionary book. That helps coz' I'm trying to get him to talk. Also there's a toilet training book called Zoo Poo. My older girl loves the Berenstain Bear series. Recently I've got her reading Enid Blytons. Dr. Seuss are also our favorites.
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