Saturday, August 30, 2008

Google Pagerank Tips

Blogging seems to be my current obsession! I'm kinda into blogging & more blogging everyday. And I learnt that in order to derive some income out of your blog, its important to achieve a good Google Pagerank!

I got to know that only Google gives out pageranks to blogs. And the higher your pagerank, the more advertisers would like you to write PPPs for example.

And how to achieve or maintain a Pagerank? Well, I guess the higher the traffic to your blog and the more links to it would do it? Read this long boring guide from Google Webmaster Central and hopefully by the time you finish reading the guide, you still feel like blogging :-( And if you'd like to check your ranking, click here.

And I heard it takes months to get a pagerank? Is this true? Oh no! Why is it so hard to earn some extra income during these trying times?

Or can someone be such a kind soul to be the first to link to me so that I can at least get started? Everybody deserves a chance, so please, please. I am even willing to go on my knees if you really want me to (*sob*).

And I dont think I even know how to link in the first place .. sigh blogger ... like that lah.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hmm...i think google does its thing once every few months...those who do paid posts will get a rank demotion and those new blogs would get ranking i.e. PR0 to PR2/PR3/PR4. I used to hold PR4 and then it went down to PR0 cos i did paid posts. Still no sign of it going up for me. some bloggers have PR0 but still get offers to do paid posts because they have lots of traffic to their blogs. One of the ways is to visit other blogs, make new friends and get them to visit your blog :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ok, i have linked you ;)