Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Girl!

I was at KLCC yesterday to run some errands.

On my way around the mall, I could not help but to suddenly notice so many delicious food around me! Gosh! Why do they all looks so damn appetizing when you're on a diet!!!

During my previous visits there & when I was not on a diet, I had to scratch my head hard to decide what I really wanted to eat - cos everything then was, just so plain. But this trip, oh my god! Killing!

I was trying to find something that was less sinful so that I can have an excuse to indulge a little but my favourite stall - La Cucur - would have cost me 300 calories per tiny piece of "kueh" and I would have needed at least 3 pieces to keep my mouth shut!

I decided that I should stay committed to my plan and just walked out of the mall and head back to the office. Enroute, I instead, bought 2 pieces of fresh fruit at a nearby stall and had that. It was cheap & good.

While having it, I felt proud of myself for not throwing the day's effort down the drain.


2L2M.... said...

good gurl!!!!

2L2M.... said...

good gurl!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

You need a pat at the back for resisting the temptation! *pat pat*

Oops, just realized my previous post was too late, you already back from your trip. :P

Oh yeah, join in the fun on Merdeka day at babe_kl, can't wait to see the round up. :)


Thanks 2L2M!

Ya, sure LCOM, will try to join cos I'm a Merdeka Baby!