Thursday, August 14, 2008

Penang - Part 2

I had earlier made a dinner reservation at Jemputree.

Read about this new place from several food blogs and the thought of dining on the tree top pretty much attracted my attention.

This place serves malay, chinese and western cuisine and its specialty is all about dining on a tree-top ala "bersila" style. There is only one table for tree-top dining that can accommodate about 8 pax, which was just nice for our group.

Quality & taste of food was probably 5 out of 10. I guess the lesson to learn is to order malay food since this is a malay restaurant. Dont bother about the chinese or the western choices cos you'll be disappointed.

Toddler friendly food was almost nil. But he did enjoy the cucur ikan bilis!

Service rating was another 5 out of 10. Maybe they should have a bell for those dining on the tree top cos everytime we needed something, we had to shout out to the waiters on the ground floor or "climb" down ourselves!

Maybe I should just stick to my all-time favourite of pandan coconuts at Lorong Abu Siti!!! Never fails me!


vickylow said...

The restaurant look really special. I think when nite come and dim light on it could be very romantic too :)


Hi Vicky ... yeah, saw fairy lights drapped all over .. so shd be quite romantic when the sun goes down ... beware of mosquitos though!