Monday, August 1, 2011

Best Durian Cake!!

Says who? Says all 16 people who tried it!!! Oh well .. the story goes like this.

MIL celebrated her 72nd birthday over the weekend and a week before that, I baked my first ever durian cake. The texture was ok and since she loved durian cake, she wanted one for her birthday.

I baked the 2nd one last week and improved on my recipe. Had piled on more durian pulp for its fillings and i must say this one turned out very delish instead!!!

While at the restaurant, we offered some to the waitress & the captain as well .. and oh boy! they all loved it and the captain was certainly surprised that it was home baked! She offered to promote for me and told me that once she promotes it, I better be prepared with orders streaming in! I politely declined as I can only bake on weekends and furthermore, the restaurant is quite far away from where we live.

Nevertheless, the captain was very impressed with the taste of the cake that she ordered one for herself! I was very happy that nite, hahaha.


coffeesncookies said...

I have no doubts over the taste,esp if you pile up a lot of durian pulp but the presentation is amazingly neat. Big white roses.. for MIL.. beautiful. She likes it this time eh ?

Family First said...

Thanks Elaine :-)

BabyBooned said...

oh this looks simply AWESOME! can i order one from u for the hubs..??? he loves durians and this would make a great surprise dessert for him this puasa month. how can i reach u?