Monday, March 16, 2009

Mommie & Daddie came tumbling after ...

Yeah, that's what happened. My lil one has yet to recover and both mommie & daddie fell ill. It was due to food poisoning and both of us had to stay up all night taking turns visiting the toilet! We were both suffering from diarrhea and were puking non-stop.

The worst part is .. my mom was also feeling ill so I did not want to trouble her to take care of lil one that Thurs night. I felt a little funny right after a light dinner at her place. An hour later, I started to get that "funny" taste of saliva in my mouth .. you know . the one that taste a little salty and you feel as if you are a little bloated and uncomfortable but the time just has not come to puke .. that kinda feeling?

When we reached home, I just dumped lil one to my SIL and ran upstairs to bring out whatever that was waiting to be brought out. But ar ... aiyoh .. both "up" and "down" also come out ... feel sooooo terrible and sick! This happened for another 5 times before it was time for lil one to go to bed. Thank god he behaved that night and went to bed not too long after I gave him some diluted milk and pat him to sleep. But it continued for me till 1am.

Then at 2am, I saw hubby going out of the room and coming back 10 minutes later - shirtless! I asked him what happened. He pulak told me he had to puke but decided to do it downstairs as he did not want to wake up the lil one at 2am. Poor hubby. We both had another round at 3am. We decided to take some chinese medication and half a glass of 100Plus, then settled for bed. We managed to sleep till 5.30am before lil one kicked up a mini-fuss. Before you know it, its time to wake up for work.

I decided to take the day off with a visit to the doctor after I catch some sleep at my mom's place. So tiring and my bones all over my body was like crushing down. Hubby managed to attend a meeting in the morning before he "surrendered" at lunch time. We both went to the doc and went home to rest. Then as usual, we headed to mom's place in the evening to pick-up the lil one. Thank god he was feeling much better by now .. but I still dont know why he still pukes in the middle of the night. During the day he seems ok.

Glad is was the weekend as we did have some time to recover and rest before starting the work week again. Even now, tummy is not feeling too good. Much better though. Hope life would be normal again soon.


mommy to chumsy said...

oh dear. hope all is well now. what did you and husband eat?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I also wonder what did you eat?

Kristie said...

hopefully u are both feeling better!