Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Rough Night

It was another bad night for me.

We took lil one out for a short dinner & grocery shopping last night and we back home not too late. He feel asleep in the car, possibly due to the mild fever he has having. Reached home and placed him on his bed which he slept soundly.

However, about 1.30am, he cried and I gave him some milk. After having it, he did not fall asleep like usual. He was kicking up a fuss (again possibly due to his fever) and I was so darn tired. Tried consoling him and cuddling him and doing everything I could to make him feel more comfortable but this went on for more than an hour. Soooo exhausting!

He repeated paragraph 3 at about 4am. This time, I really could not bring myself out of my bed. I was just too tired. Hubby then had to wake up and thank god, he was willing to allow his daddy to cuddle & pat him to sleep. This morning, woke up still feeling & looking like a zombie. Gosh! When will this end? Will it ever end?

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