Thursday, November 6, 2008

Annoying Phone Calls!

I dont know about you but my mom always complaints to me that she occasionally received annoying phone calls at our home telephone number. Most of the time, they speak in English and will ask her a string of questions such as whether we have a water filter at home, or would she like to participate in their lucky draw, etc. etc.

I reminded mom that she should not entertain such calls and try to cut the conversation short and put down the receiver if they persist to talk to her.

Recently, a friend of mine told me about a site that allows harrasing caller report. I think that is pretty cool. This site actually allows you to related the incident and share this experience with others so that when others read it, they can then know what to expect from such calls. So whether its a sales call or just a wrong number, at least we are aware of such callers.

I might take a look at the site and provide my feedback.


Josephine said...

So many posts within a day.
I thought I entered the wrong blog just now. I closed the browser and clicked on ur link in my blog again. Then only I realized that it was ur blog. Pai Seh...

vickylow said...

Yes it's better to ignore those calls & salesperson. My MIL very kiasi, she will not open the door if she know salesperson knock it. haha