Friday, November 28, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

Oh! My dear blogger friend just came back from her lovely vacation to Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast - lucky woman! And she gave me this lovely award ... ain't she nice? Thanks VG!

This is a pretty interesting award and to make it more interesting, here are my answers!

7 Things I Say More Often:

Bryan! No! Stop biting! Sit down! Dont run! You ah ...! Where is the cane?!!!!

7 Things I Did Before:

Slept till 10am on weekends. Went for a movie every Saturday night. Went to the gym every day after work. Watched TV. Went window shopping on weekends. A short vacation every 3 months and a long vacation at least once a year. Facial and body massage on alternate weeks!

7 Things I Do Now:

Going to bed at 12 midnight each day. Visit the massaeur to cure my back ache! Grocery shopping for survival! Look out for the best deal in disposable diapers. Ensure his milk & water bag is with me every time I leave the house. Watch Barney DVDs.

7 Things I Want to do:

Win the lottery (yes!) as it has snowballed to RM20million now! Own a decent house with easy one-touch buttons to automatically clean the whole house (as I dont trust live-in maids). Of course, a vacation every 3 months (near or far, it does not matter) without having to worry about $$$. And just like VG, a cure for obesity without involving the word "exercise" or "surgery" or "pills" .. maybe just another one-push button would be good *smile*. Have the means to help the sick or poor children, poor single-mothers and sick elderly people that cross my path. Find a cure for naughty kids (and make more $$$ with this cure!) And last but not least, to learn baking and to enjoy baking at home without the lil one grabbing on to one side of my leg and asking me to carry him!

7 Things That Attract Me About the Opposite Sex:

Must be tall. Speak well. Presentable. Genuine. Caring. Honest. Knows how to earn money!

7 Favourite Foods:

Nasi lemak. Coffee (it is food to me). Chocolates (its food too). Seafood. Steamboat. My mom's Mee Siam. Ice cream (ok, ok, I know but to me they are food!)

And for more fun and some reading pleasure, I wish to pass this award to :

Mummy Yiau
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Kooky Culinary
Moonlight Rendesvous

Looking forward to read all your fun posts!


Josephine said...

Hey, thank you very much my friend. muaxx!

Miss Stymie said...

First time here...Read the tag...I am an exact copy of yours in most of the things you have mentioned here.

VG said...

Ya I agree, I am nice...LOL!! Masuk bakul angkat sendiri, apalah VG.

I love your responses to the tag...too funny. And I concur - ice cream, chocolate and coffee are all food!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Family first, thank you for your warm and kind gesture. I appreciate it.

Enjoyed reading your posting.
I too love coffee, the ones I make. Maxwell House rich blend, and cold. I never drink hot coffee, and must have coffee before I go to bed.
And those Swiss ones with nuts and raisins.

You stay happy, keep well and have a nice day, and once again, thank you. Lee.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for receiving such an award. Keep up your good work.