Monday, July 16, 2012

Wynx Club Cake

Received an email one afternoon for a Wynx Club Cake.   Had no idea what it was so had to google to do some research.    Since the enquiry came quite late (delivery needed in 3 days), I had no time to do an edible image cake, so I proposed a cartoon drawing cake instead.

Having just done one other cartoon drawing method just a couple of weeks ago, I bravely embarked on this Wynx Club design.    While I was drawing out the outline of the image, Bryan came by and asked "Mom, what cake are you doing?".   He then paused for a couple of seconds and waited for my reply but I was too busy concentrating hard on the image to get it right.  Then he said "Mom, you doing Wynx Club cake ah?"   Fuh!   Am I glad he could recognise it!!!  Means ok la!

Glad it turned out alright.  Could be better.   Hope to improve over time with more practise.

Customer ordered it for her niece's 8th birthday.   She wanted a pure butter cake.  FYI, I only use 100% pure butter for my cakes.   The finished cake is actually pretty heavy even for an 8" cake.   

Some potential customers do enquire about the weight of my cake and when I tell them its close to 2kg for just an 8" cake, they dont believe me.  I guess they are used to getting lighter cakes from the bakeries who by the way, some use only sponge cakes, okay!!!  So thats why they lighter, so they bake into a bigger size and charge you slightly cheaper la.  Once you try a home made pure butter cake, you will never to bake to the regular bakery shops :D   Im sure many home bakers will agree with me.

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Cynful Pleasure said...

wah.. what cartoon is that? Out dated auntie here.. that's a nice cake, and yes, pure butter cake is heavy, and taste better.. only draw back is the 'fattening' part..heheh..

reanaclaire said...

I love pure butter cake! the heavier it is, the better taste it must be!

Mr Lonely said...

haha~ long time no eat cake~

Vickylow said...

Nice cake, haha me too have no idea what is Winx Club.

MeRy said...

very nice cake.

lifelittlestory said...

Nice cake. Thanks for sharing. No wonder why sometimes cakes shop charge cheaper for a large cake - Now i know they are using sponge cake. I like butter cake.