Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pirate Themed Birthday Party Cake!!

A specially commissioned 3D pirate ship cake and pirate boy cupcakes for 6 year old Nicolo!!!

When I was first asked to do a 3D pirate ship cake, I almost did not want to take the order.  Reason being, I have never really sculpted a ship cake before and was not sure if I could do it.     I have previously done a 3D LV Handbag cake using a different cake recipe (pound cake) but this pirate cake was to be in a moist chocolate cake instead!  Pound cakes are studier, easier to carve - but does not taste as good as a fluffy butter cakes, in my opinion.   Nevertheless, if you never try, you will never know.   So off I went to explore on my recipe and at the end, was glad I took on the challenge.

The test cake was baked with perfection - at least that's what hubby said.   Then I set out to plan the rest of the cake (in my head!)   On baking day, hubby was considerate enough to take Bryan out for half a day window shopping at Mid Valley while I worked on the cake.   I was so grateful.   Without any disturbance, I manage to complete it before they got home.  

In my heart, I was really thankful for the customer in placing her trust in me, a complete stranger whom she found online.   In return, I wanted to surprise her with an extra box of cupcakes - for free!!!     I immediately set out to bake a dozen cupcakes in vanilla, covered it with buttercream and designed it to coincide with the party theme.  

On the day of the party, I was getting quite anxious at home.  I could not help but wonder if the cake was well received (cos customer was a European expatriate) and if they liked the extra cupcakes.   

Then suddenly, later in the afternoon, the sms came in!

"Dear Joanna, thanks a lot!!   The cake and cupcakes were fantastic!  I have given your contact to some of the other parents.   Love, Giovanna."

Oh boy!  That made my day!  Showed hubby the sms ... cos so darn proud of myself in taking up this challenge.   Now this has spurned me to take on more orders which previously I would have rejected as I just didnt have the courage to explore something beyond my comfort zone.   I am so glad I am progressing slowly but surely, in something I ventured out to do for me and myself.  

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Cynful Pleasure said...

bravo my dear friend!! good job!!

LittleLamb said...

fb customer??

Vickylow said...

I like it some much. Nice Pirate Novelty cake.

Small Kucing said...

it's lovely

MommyAngel said...

this is so nicely make!! Well done!!! really love this cake to bits and can't wait to see your next bake .... to bad you are too far from where I stay .... hehehehe.

BabyBooned said...

so happy for u! i just clicked 'like' a few seconds ago ;) was searching for u before this but couldnt find u on fb. blur blur blur. (by the way i'm Nina Omar on fb)

Family First said...

Hi Nina! Thanks and yes yes yes, saw you over at Confections!!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Well done! The cake is so perfectly done, there's no reason why the recipient wouldn't like it :)

lifelittlestory said...

Wow your cakes are awesome. I really wish you are in Ipoh so that I can get one for my boy.