Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teacher's Day Cuppies

A simple treat for Teachers' Day at Bryan's kindy.   Something small, something sweet and something equally delicious.  And not forgetting - it will surely put a smile on her face :)

Its base is vanilla butter topped with creamy buttericing and decorated with fondant cut-outs and flower cut-outs.     Nicely boxed into boxes of 4 complete with a self-print "Thank You Teacher" label. 

I think I made enough to give ALL the teachers in her kindy LOL!!

Teacher sms'd me the next day ... thanking me and also mentioned that they taste great!  Well .. happy teacher makes a happy kid and in turn, makes a happy mommy .. hahaha.


smallkucing said...

lucky teachers :)

My son's is this week. Havent got them anything yet. No talent to bake. Guess just buy some choc la

Adrine said...

Lucky teachers! Wah, you made for all the teachers somemore.

I just baked a simple butter cake for my girl's teachers (err...the 2 mains ones only)

Vickylow said...

Nice cupcakes, teacher must be enjoying the cupcakes very much.

LittleLamb said...

i shall use this idea next yr!!!! i m sure the total cost is less than 200$ right? cos I spent rm200 for this yr teacher's day :(((

Family First said...

Wow LittleLamb, am sure you are a famous mom in that kindy lor ... so generous ;)

eugene said...

Now reading this, i feel so ashamed of myself,never treated any of my sons' teachers, be it kindy or whatever ,,cham cham,,,,

God will always bless those generous heart and you have got one ,,,

Family First said...

Aaaw .... thanks Eugene :)