Friday, May 11, 2012

Lorong Selamat Char Kuay Teow, Penang

If you google for "lorong selamat char huay teow" you will probably end up with hundreds of posts on this.    This is one place you should not miss if you are in Penang searching for good food.

There are 2 stalls in this lane but the more famous one is the stall with this lady.   People say she damn lan si.  Yes she is.    We overhead her telling her customers that they need to wait at least an hour for her char kuay teow.   We immediately moved on to the next stall in the next kopitiam.

The next stall's char kuay teow is cooked by a man.  The plate below cost RM7.50.  Not cheap eh?   Taste wise, ok.  Not bad.   But quite small portion.  

Did you know that if you sit in that kopitiam and eat the char kuay teow but dont order drinks, they still charge you 50 sen per head for drinks?  Yes.  Welcome to Penang's Lorong Selamat kopitiam.    Lagi kau kau than KL man.

Lorong Selamat is also off Macalister Road.   Just after Sunway Hotel on your right, keep extreme left and its one of the lanes on your left.

Look out for my coming posts on a really nice seafood place we accidentally ventured into in Penang!   Love that place!  Will surely go again & again if we are in Penang!!


mNhL said...

That's a plate of expensive char kuey teow. Even with prawns, the price is way too high ! And that 50 cents/head....that's too much !

Kristie said...

char kuey teow my fav!

Happy Mother's Day to you :-)

Small Kucing said...

so big the prawns...worth the wait ya?

leo said...

There are far better places in Penang to eat CKT.

You'll notice that people who go to Lorong Selamat for CKT are mostly tourists...