Monday, April 13, 2009

Good deal @ House of Presentation!

Hubs & I had the luxury of a rare Saturday morning brat-free (thanks Mom for taking care of the brat!) so we decided to do some window shopping at Harvey Norman again, this time at Ikano Power Centre. Hubs surveyed for the fridge and his favourite item (LCD TV lor, what else) and we managed to shortlist a few.

While walking out to Ikea (yeah, JT, I know you will be screaming every time I mention the word Ikea!), we passed by House of Presentation.

What caught my eye was the RM99 price tag for a beautiful Le Gourmet stainless steel pot!

I didn't know the real retail price then but RM99 sounds like a good deal for that item. I decided to purchase it as I need EVERYTHING for my new home.

No, no, I dont mean everything in the photo above for RM99 but its a beautiful 20cm stainless steel heavy-bottomed pot! It was shining!

And oh boy .. was it a good deal .. cos last night while shopping at Jusco MV, I saw the same pot and had to quickly run over to check out its price. OMG!!!!!!



LittleLamb said...

do u use stainless steel pots at home often? cos i dont know how to cook in it. i prefer those black type..non stick

Josephine said...

hmmm... RM99 is a good price i guess.

Joanna Tang said...

Friend, intentionally wanna tempt me ah! *_* but, its ok.. I am in love with Ikea, ikea, ikea...

I so so eagerly wanna go Ikea lah, eventhough, just window shopping... but, do u think i will come out empty handed ah?

Crazy me ya.. I swear ah, if I kena 6D ah, i will fill up my dream home with Ikea stuffs... Ikea! I love u! Pls marry me! ~_~


Hello LittleLamb, yes, I love stainless steel pots .. especially the good ones that are really heavy-bottomed! I dont quite like those coated non-stick ones, unless I just use them to fry eggs, etc.

2L2M.... said...

the one (right up) to the bottom smallest pot should be in the region of RM150+

mommy to chumsy said...

rm99 for a pot? *pengsan* but i guess vision pots are just as expensive eh?

coffeesncookies said...

RM99, it's a STEAL !! Didn't you buy 2? House of P,, here i come !

jacss said...

wuah...that was indeed a very good buy, like more than 50% hor!!
i'm in the look out for a shining wok too....will check out, thks!!
btw, d header cost actually varies according d elaboration, so the designer prefers that u email them for the quotes, u know wen right? drop her a's reasonable!