Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is here ... finally.

I am glad to have the opportunity to do my first post for the month of April 2009.

Since last year, I have been waiting for this month to arrive. As you may already know, my new house is ready but I am just waiting for the handover. Although it is far from being due, I have high expectations from this developer, whom I know has got excellent reputation and track records for completing homes in very high quality and known for early handovers, hence my expectations for handover this month.

On one hand, it is so exciting to know that you can have your very own home soon. On the other, I know it will have to start with lots of headache and purse-ache before it turns into your dreamhome. For me, dreamhome need not be utmost expensive. As long as it is comfortable to you and the your family, that is a dream home to us.

Everyday, I would log on to the property forum to check on feedback from the other owners to see and discuss on how we can make this place a better and safer home for us. There has been a tremendous increase in crime especially home robbery, car theft and even kidnap cases. Although my new home is in a G&G environment, it will not be an excuse for us to be complacent and assume it is safe. After all, guards are human. CCTVs are made by human. And humans err.

HomeDec will be at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre again come 30 April. It will be my last time there to see if there are any good buys in a non-favourable economic condition ... but having been there for the past 2 HomeDec exhibition, I dont have high expectations. All I can say is do your homework well and you can be rewarded. Dont believe it when they say its a "special exhibition price" cos I know for sure, you can get it cheaper after the exhibition, at least for 70% of the items there. Otherwise, they are just getting rid of old models, if you dont mind.

Now, its time for me to sum up my budget before the ringgit actually starts flowing out.


Ann said...

Hey, I just realised that when you add posts, it doesn't get updates to my Google Reader! I have been missing all your posts !!!

With reagard to your comment on the kindy, whereabouts is your new place? And do you mind if the kindy is kinda 'religious'?

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, where is your new home located eh?

btw, i have shared the place of the massage in my blog. it's the post after i wrote about relaxation time.

2ma said...

congrats on your new home!!

i have the same problem as ann. i didn't realised you have new post coz it didn't show in my blogroll???

LittleLamb said...

u know i m excited for u......